Happy New Year 2012

Posted by imelda sovzky on Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello kids, in most of the world, it's already 2012 but here in the US it isn't!  Anyway, this has been a good year...we got the Daytona USA port and Bart's Supermodel emulator.  I made it through one semester of gaming school which is a great accomplishment.  We've had our horrible setbacks like the Japanese quake but we made it through for now.  Let's hope that next year is better.  I know I have brutal gaming school starting again in January 9th which really sucks on top of a bevy of other video game and real-world news so let's pray for the best.  Oh, you know it's gonna be a BLAST leading up to Dec. 21.

I really don't care much about New Year's since I think it's another excuse for people to party.  It's a digit turning in the calendar.  But without New Year's our Christmas break wouldn't be nearly as long so be thankful for that.  And Auld Lang Syne is an annoying song...the phrase means "old friends" so what the hell does that mean?  An opportunity to crack a stupid joke like, "I haven't seen you since last year,"?  And fireworks are kind of cool but if you go outside for just a minute you come back smelling like smoke and that's not fun.  And New Year's Resolutions are stupid--make a resolution EVERY DAY, not just on Jan. 1st.

I've had this blog for a year and a half.  Last year, for good old time's sake, I posted my personal Top 10 posts of 2010.  Now I'm going to do the same for 2011.  Problem is I have 12 months of posts to glaze over as opposed to 6 months from last year so it's gonna be tough.  So here's my Top 10 in no particular order:

1. The Forza 3 Experience -This was the second post I made in 2011 and it's prett-ay good.  Playing online and getting my ass kicked...so much fun.

2. BOYCOTT GAMEINFORMER MAGAZINE, SCREW BURNOUT - Wow!  This has to be my angriest moment in the history of this blog.  No way you insult OutRun 2 on my watch.  If you want to see why I hate Burnout and mainstream gaming media, read this....

3. Super Sprint Remake Preview - While you can download the game in this post, that preview post lays out everything for you. :3

4. DAYTONA USA YYYYEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH - STOKED for a new Daytona USA port!!!  Plus more fun pics that should Sega should take to heart.

5. LEAVE SEGA ALONE!!! - Haters gonna hate on Sega, but what is Sega doing about it?  This is Part 1 of a 2-part series.

6. Group Think In Video Games? - Why do people keep playing the same video games?  Now you know why.

7. OutRun 2: Bring A Road Map!! - Awesome diagram of real-world OutRun 2 locations!

8. Awesome Scud Race Magazine Article!!! - You want to read something uplifting on Scud Race?  Now you got it.  Very interesting read with a special thanks to the Blue Skies Daily blog affiliate of ours.

9. Gaming School: How I Learned To Stop Worrying (About Grades) And Love To Ridicule Everyone - This entry is totally personal but it basically exposes the stupidity in grades at school.  And I throw people under the bus, cool!!

10. Supermodel Emulator...First Time I've Played Daytona 2 In A Long, LLLooooonnnngggg Time... - I was awe-struck to play the Supermodel emulator for the first time...and that was just the first release (no sound) running at 10% speed on my slow-ass laptop...

11 (Dammit can't believe I forgot this one!). Sega: More Sinister Than Meets The Eye? - The truth about Sega is out there.

Honorable Mentions:

* Daytona USA Guide: Make A Paper Hornet!!! -  I bought the Daytona USA guide books a while back and now here's some of the scans.  Fantastic Daytona media for you!

* What I Learned About Game Design In Three Days (And How It Pertains To Sega Racers) - At FIEA, I learned some good stuff in game design/publishing so now's your chance to digest it.  It's gold, Jerry, GOLD!!!

* TWO CATASTROPHIC RACE FAILS IN ONE DAY - Still f***in' hilarious even in 2012.

* Daytona USA Reviews--Kill Me Now - While I can't load up my Top 10 with bitter "everyone sucks" posts, this one takes the cake as you Daytona USA port haters get your dues.

* More Thoughts About Dan Wheldon Crash - Dan's fatal crash at Las Vegas still hurts and here's some more retrospect on this whole thing.

EDIT: * Original Lego Racers PICS 2: DAYTONA USA EDITION - Yo dawg, I heard you like legos...?


There's many more good posts of mine I wish I could showcase but I can't.  Hey, I still have more things to talk about in the near future.  Until then, see you in 2012.

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Forza Four First Looks

Posted by imelda sovzky

Yes guys, I got Forza 4 for Christmas (even though my brother already owned a copy and he hacked for 100 mil credits and doesn't even play seriously so what's the point of buying a second copy) and that's been eating up most of my time.

I know not everyone reading this likes Forza, but I'll say this.  I've had a soft spot in my heart for Gran Turismo simulation/collect 'em all racers.  And Forza is doing a good job of that.  I know it's mainstream but it's still leagues better (or solid) than Need for Speed, Gran Turismo 5, or anything not from Sega.  I can be all cool and hip and completely disregard any game that has sold more than 250k copies, but what's the point?  That just makes me look like an IDIOT!!

I'm not hipster enough of a gamer.  Look at me, I run out of witty things to say about bad games...all I can do is dish out generic insults.


* Twelve cars on track at once.
* A "far chase" cam, like the 4th VR button in Daytona USA & Scud Race (FINALLY!!!)
* New tracks: Infineon, Indianapolis, and Burmese Alps (Forza's token snow level at last!!).
* Car handling seems to feel better.
* Jeremy Clarkson's sexy voice.
* A bunch of new cars.
* New options allow you to fidget with the car physics, AI difficulty, and whatnot with greater detail.
* They split the 20+ min races into pieces, therefore eliminating the endurance race aspect in favor of not having you commit suicide.

So anyway, because I reached Level 50 in Forza 3, the game gives me a few Forza 4 gift cars--a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari F430, that Peugeot LeMans car, etc.  So that's nice althought it sucks having to remake all that money all over again.

I'm plowing through the single-player races and it's kind of the same thing as Forza 3 (read my wonderful F3 adventures here).  My goal is to learn to drive like a champ and make lots of extra money.  So you know what that means?  NO DRIVING AIDS!!!  Those are mainstream.  The more options you turn off, the greater percentage of money you get.  So set that G-D switch to "Expert" and never look back.

I've been driving without aids since Forza 3 and could've turned 'em off in Gran Turismo but the lack of analog controls hurt.  With no ABS and TCS, it's a matter of not pressing the gas or brake 100%.  Really, TCS is a major pain for S-rank cars and up because in the lower gears, flooring it on a turn will pretty much get you killed.  Try playing Fujimi Kaido in a R1 car and don't touch any of the walls or other drivers.  Car handling can be so flimsy in this game...it's strange going from Daytona USA to Forza like that.

Did I mention I've also turned off the rewinds?  If you lose a race, it's not the end of the world.  I may restart the race if I get damaged too early but other than that, I just take my lumps and move on to the next race.  You don't need to finish 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st like in Gran Turismo to be successful.

The only driving aide I really consider is Braking line and only because the 10% deduction is well worth the cost of not overshooting a turn.  Though I've played through 4 Gran Turismo's (including other racers) without the driving line so do I really need it now? 


Rubbin' is racing.  This may sound completely contrary to what I preach, but it's kind of fun to trade paint and bump the other cars.  I'm not endorsing the Burnout-style approach to racing (everything explodes into a trillion pieces), nor am I endorsing "dirty driving."  Sometimes, you gotta throw the car around to make a pass.  It's like basketball--each player has six fouls to give and if they ain't using them, then they're doing something wrong.  So GTFO the way, noobs...I don't need to rear-end you again to get you to move, huh?  Car damage shouldn't be new especially if you've played Daytona USA 2 before (which I assume you all have).

Damage can sound brutal but the main goal is to protect the Engine (lower speed/accel) and the Steering Wheel (car can veer to the left/right like a broken RC car).  If you lose either of those, the race is practically over.  Body damage is peanuts although it can hinder your car's top speed if it gets too bad.  Repair costs aren't too bad (10% of my massive paycheck thanks to Difficulty bonuses) unless you get in major pileups, like this one:

I was in the lead when I scraped the wall in my Ford GT40 which was enough to put the car in an inevitable tailspin.  So I hit reverse, backed up into the middle of road, hit first gear and then this idiot rear-ends me.  That means I get insurance money!  But no, I won the race and he lost so haha.


Now about the cars.  One of my main goals from the start was to remake the Daytona 2 cars from Forza 3.  That sounds great but one problem--the stock cars in the game are too damn expensive.  In F3, they were about 75K but in F4, they're 900K.  Much more expensive.

When I did buy the stock cars, I was delightfully surprised from what I saw.  See, both stock cars have a default of 710 PI.  In F3, they could only top out at 740 which is lousy since they're 60 PI away from the ceiling so they were nowhere near competitive in the R3 class.  But in F4, you can add even more upgrades to the car.  You can add more engine parts, weight reduction, you name it.  Both the Ford and Chevy stock cars can reach 800 PI and these things are BULLETS, dammit!!  Surprisingly good handling and they can compete in the R3 class, FINALLY.  Still shocked that they took out the Dodge stock car and didn't add any new cars (no Car of Tomorrows, etc.).

Hey, now we know that evil Electronic Arts stole the Porsche license away from Turn10 so Forza 4 only has RUFs in it.  Oh boohoo, that's terrible, but the last time I checked, GT5 had 5 RUFs.  So how many does Forza 4 have?  ONE.  Well, one more if you include the collector's edition, but what's to stop them from including more?  F3 had 15-something Porsches, but F4 can only get one RUF.  At least T10 is releasing 10 DLC cars each month so there's gotta be one or two more in the future.  I want my Porsche 911 equivalent, dammit!!

But there's one thing about the game that deserves major credit.  If you played Forza 3, you'd know that All-Wheel-Drive cars were massively overpowered.  F3 didn't take into account the car's "mechnical grip" or whatever so basically the game understated their ability and therefore, gave players more PI space for upgrades and stuff.  This was on par with the overpowered bikes from Mario Kart Wii in terms of retardedness.  If you weren't using an AWD car online (except in R1 races), you lost, plain and simple.

In Forza 4, this is no longer the case and Rear-Wheel-Drive cars have the upper hand.  With that being said, RWD cars may be a bit overpowered now.  AWD drivetrains may be weighed too heavily now.  But that's a matter for serious debate that I really don't belong.  The way I see it, it's more realistic being that all major pavement races such as NASCAR, F1, Indy Car, and LeMans, use RWD drivetrains.  It's also better because RWD is harder to drive because you're more prone to spinouts, therefore AWD retains the "easy level car" element.  Compare that to F3 where AWD were more powerful AND easier to control, therefore giving you NO incentive to ride RWD unless you are a masochist.  So IMO, Forza 4 > Forza 3.


I also noticed something funny.  If you look at all the AI drivers, they either come from the US, Europe, or Japan.  And they only drive cars from their native lands.  Like J. Evans and R. Brown only drive American cars.  And M. Rossi and P. Muller only drive European cars (doesn't matter the country...Italian drivers will choose German cars).  What the hell is this?  I'm American and I don't mind driving Subaru or Ferrari cars if I had the chance.  Damn fanboys.


Hey, make sure while you're playing this game to crank up the Gran Turismo beats.  Cause no dosage of Top Gear & Jeremy Clarkson can save this annoying dubstep/electronica soundtrack.

When I talk about Forza 4, I'm not saying this game is perfect...for one thing, this game still doesn't have pit crew animations while Gran Turismo 4 (and even f***in' Virtua Racing) did.  Also, F4 has a miniscule amount of smoke and fire (tiny exhaust fumes, ha) which is really lame.  From what I heard, this game was supposed to have car fires but Ferrari would've pulled out had Turn10 added that so it was cut.  Particle effects gone...come on, people, take the "restrictors" off this bad boy! And I know this ain't as "magical" as old racers like Daytona or Gran Turismo but it's still pretty good.

But you know what would make this game REALLY good?  Take all the tracks from Gran Turismo 5 and put them in this game?  Yeah, that would be awesome, BUT....  Let's take Forza 4's car buying/upgrade system and use Daytona USA's car handling/physics/visuals.  THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE MADE ASAP!!!

Clarkson's face while playing Daytona USA

I still wonder how long Forza 4 will last for me until it's discarded or usurped by something else.  Oh well, that's my take on the game for now.  Not a bad game at all so it's worth it, I guess.

Also be sure to use the Forza 3 Car Setup Tool...still works fairly well in Forza 4 although I still don't know how to find tire width other than in the upgrade shop.

EDIT: Review Score: 9.25 out of 10.
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Daytona USA 2 In Forza Four!!!! (Plus More)

Posted by imelda sovzky on Friday, December 30, 2011


Daytona USA 2 cars have been ported to Forza Motorsport 4!!!

They're on the Forza Storefront (all 15, 5 per car) for FREE!!!  Money is not a problem for me.

So Forza 4 will not import car designs.  However, they will import car vinyls.  So I took my Forza 3 cars, copied all 5 sides of the car to their own layer, and pasted them on the Forza 4 cars.  It took a bit of alignment to do so but it was relatively easy I suppose.  So WHY THE HELL couldn't Forza 4 just import car designs from Forza 3 and save us the inconvenience???  The Ford and Chevy stock cars are EXACTLY the same as before.  Oops, way to drop the ball, Turn10.

Sadly, many designs for Forza 2/3 will never make it to 4 unless the previous owners redo the layer process above.  Only the original designer can edit and upload designs.  It's stupid.  Will I ever be able to drive the Seinfeld "Assman" car in Forza 4?  Don't count on it.

Now I was presented with one dilemma while making designs and you may have spotted it already.  They removed the Dodge stock car from Forza 4.  Now why the hell did they do that.  First of all, three car models align perfect with the trio: Chums Gum = Chevrolet, Scorpio = Pontiac (in our case, Dodge), Phantom = Ford.  But now the Phantom and Scorpio share the same model.  Second is that you can't just Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C the vinyls from a Dodge to a Ford/Chevy and have them line up.  So I copied pieces of the Scorpio and lined them up.  Ironed out some of the flaws while I was at it too.

For the Scorpio, I picked the Ford for three dumb reasons.  One, because the Ford has the black spoiler and the Scorpio in Daytona 2 has a black spoiler as well.  Chevy has a while spoiler that's really lame.  Two, because I felt that Ford has the more "stout" stature of the two cars.  Three, because most fan Hornets are using the Chevy model so I wanted to balance it out (Hornet & Chums Gum = Chevy, Scorpio & Phantom = Ford).

I want to talk more about the actual Forza 4 gameplay itself later.  Until then, I'll leave you with some more Sega cars on the Marketplace, none of which I made (except the other Phantom car):

I did this myself...I have an affinity for old boxy cars--in this case, a '71 Nissan Skyline GT-R.  Easy to move vinyls around, ha.

I think you might've seen these two cars from an old arcade game that involves driving on dirt.

The McLaren from Scud Race.

Well, it's not the most perfect Hornet I've seen though it's the most complete.  The Chevy stock car just doesn't do this justice--it needs some old Buick or something.

Nice to see Daytona: Championship Edition get some props--this is a very well done car.  Taco Bay, HAHA!!

Yes, the two Ninja drone cars from Daytona, sweet!

Ok, cya later.
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Merry Christmas, Now Go Buy OutRun Online Arcade NOW

Posted by imelda sovzky on Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi guys, I'm sorry I didn't make an "official" Christmas post but I've been fading in and out for the last few days.  I also got sidewinded by Nagoshi and football stuff.  Overall, it wasn't a great Christmas: there weren't a whole lot of Christmas lights around but at the mall, they added a San Francisco Rush 2049 arcade machine (with a screen tinted green...someone please fix that) and the Fast & Furious twin cabinet was broken.  HAHA!  Otherwise, the time leading up to it wasn't that much fun but at least I got to spend time with friends and family so that is good.

Now I was going to say this earlier but I planned this for now.  This is my plea:

For everyone who has an Xbox 360, please go buy OutRun Online Arcade.  You have until Dec 31 to buy it.  That gives you two days to do it.  Then the game will be removed from the marketplace due to an expiry with the Ferrari license.

Go here to download the game (if you're too lazy to download off your console)...the price has been fluctuating between 400 and 800 MSP but oh well.  IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.  Also, if you're feeling extra generous, be sure to download the gamer pics and BG themes!!  Get these before they're gone forever!

Now about the game being removed from the marketplace.  A common misconception is that you won't be able to play the game after it's not on the marketplace.  This is not true.  As long as the game remains on your hard drive, you can play it "forever."  Essentially what happens is that the game still remains on the marketplace servers and you can redownload it as many times as you want ASSUMING you purchased the game before Dec 31.  Same thing applies to a few old Midway game I purchased: Paperboy and Root Beer Tapper.  I can still play those even though they've been delisted years ago.

It's like a club and the only way you can get in is if you buy a ticket before the deadline so buy that ticket (to ride) now!

And I know some people may not be as interested in racing games, but this game's a blast.  Dashing gameplay, Ferraris, colorful environments, uplifting music, and hot babes.  It's a therapeutic game, even if you only play it for just an hour.  It'll change your life.  It changed mine!

YouTube comments: "best 800 points ive ever spent" and "This title is actually worth the 800 points..I loved the original on the master system.. brings back so many memories!"  Well said.

Now I'll post a few extra pics to try to convince you otherwise:

Dec 31 . My stratagy to sell sega Racing Games is working!!  Now you know hwy I have the most wwebsite as on the internet.  so go put on your big boy hat and Play Outrun Online Arcade . peace out =)

Supplemental Reading.
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How will the Busch Brothers reality show unfold for 2012?

Posted by imelda sovzky

Kurt and Kyle Busch awaiting qualifying
For the Sprint Cup Series in June 2010 at Pocono
(Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images)
For race fans the reality show of the Busch Brothers inNASCAR never ceases to amaze whether you are a fan or not.  Fans of Kurt and Kyle focus on their obviouson-track talent and drive to win, while others focus more on their uncheckedanger management issues.  However, evensome long time Busch fans are embarrassed with what occurred in 2011 with bothbrothers, and some are looking for another driver to call their favorite. But,everyone agrees Kurt and Kyle are extraordinarily talented with their drivingskills in NASCAR’s elite series’.  And racefans will be tuning in next season to watch their story continue tounfold. 

With the 2011 season now in the rear view mirror, Kurt and Kyle now find themselves in a career-critical position and theirchoices moving forward will make or break their dreams of a future within theNASCAR world.  Kyle’s moment of truthcame during the fall race weekend in Texas with his intentional wreck withchampionship contender Ron Hornaday.  Kurtwas forced to face his demons in the wake of the final race of the season inHomestead when a fan video-recorded his profanity-laced frustration toward Dr. Jerry Punch because of a delayed interview. The video went viral and Kurt’s fate was ultimately revealed quicklyafter champions’ week in Las Vegas.

Kyle Busch sitting out the Sprint Cup Race
at Texas Motor Speedway 2011
(NASCAR Photo)
While Kyle’s fate lay in the hands of his owner with Joeand JD Gibbs expertly managing their way to an agreement with disappointed sponsorsto keep them and Kyle within their stable, it is also clear that Kyle’s issuesmust be addressed going forward.  Infact, reports indicate JGR is requesting Kyle to not race in Truck series andperhaps even the Nationwide races for the 2012 season, to reduce the chance ofanother loose cannon episode.  WhetherKyle will heed the advice and suggestion of his owner is yet to be determinedand undoubtedly fans will stay tuned, to find out what happens next with Kyle.

Brother Kurt, on the other hand has now been shown thedoor with two top-tier NASCAR teams.  In2005 Kurt, the Sprint Cup Champion of 2004 was forced out of the final two racesof the season after being stopped for suspicion of drunken driving, cited for recklessdriving and subsequently belligerently berating the police in Phoenix. This episode ended with Roush Racing's then team president, Geoff Smith proclaiming, we’re “officiallyretiring as Kurt Busch’s apologists.” 

Kurt Busch burned the bridge with
Roush and Penske Racing Teams
(Ashley Dickerson/ASP Inc/Icon SM)
And now again, with a “mutual agreement” for hisdeparture from Penske Racing, most fans know that Kurt’s behavior did not fitwith the Penske organization professional policies.  Many fans understand that Kurt did not independentlychoose to leave his team, especially following a series of statements fromPenske and sponsors of the #22 team indicating their disappointment with Kurt’sbehavior at Homestead. Along with thedeparture of Kurt’s crew chief, Steve Addington, after a season of verbal abusefrom the driver, more than likely the final straws fell breaking the bond forthe Penske organization.  And while Roger Penske was supportive of Kurt Busch even in the end with the “mutual agreement” statements, there is a limit to how much unprofessionalism and verbal abuse anyorganization will tolerate when it’s costing more than they are gaining. Andyes, it was obvious to anyone paying attention that Kurt was not a happy camperin the 2011 season.  And yes, it was evidenthe wasn’t having much fun in the #22 car a good part of the time.  So, it’s not hard to believe Kurt when hesays he wasn’t having fun at Penske.
Kurt Busch celebrating a race win
(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
What is hard to believe, however, is why Kurt doesn’tsee the real reason behind his bad behavior. If you were paying attention tohis part of this reality show, it’s apparent that Kurt was dealing with some majorstress from some source, and perhaps his divorce was more influence than hecares to admit. Instead of dealing with his stress and the cause of his stress,Kurt chose to blame Penske, Addington, his crew, the car, indirectly Dr. Punch,anyone and everyone, except himself.  Andwhile there may have been some real issues with the car, pit strategy, and perhapseven organizationally, Kurt’s reaction to those issues overshadow and inhibitreal progress in addressing those concerns. Stated in other words, similar to Kyle’s issues, Kurt is his own worstenemy in achieving his desire to win more races and contend for a championship.In reality, only Kyle and Kurt stand in the way of achieving their goals vs.everyone else they tend to blame for their unfortunate circumstances.  They are now saying they are takingaccountability for their actions, but some fans are not so sure.

Kyle Busch waving to fans at Richmond 2011
(Photo - Associated Press)
Although fans can see the big picture of how Kurt andKyle’s personal behavior have led them to this point, some are just not convincedthat either of them is really taking ownership of their actions andconsequences…yet.  Sure, both have saidthey are taking action to address their issues. But, unfortunately, it’s not the first time hearing those words fromeither brother.  Many fans, perhaps notall, have experienced the disappointment in being fooled by their “charade ofchange.” How many times have fans heard about the “new” Kyle Busch or of thosenot sure if they would be dealing with the “old” or “new” Kyle at any givenmoment? Unfortunately, the same can be said of older brother Kurt.

As a NASCAR fan, finding out that Kurt’s behavior withDr. Punch was typical of what many in the media have experienced at one time or another was disappointing and more importantly, disturbing.  Hearingthat bad behavior had become “accepted” as what to potentially expect fromeither brother was a painful reality to learn. This sounded eerily similar toan abused spouse speaking of their loved one, and defending the dysfunction intheir family. Some in the media even defended the bad behavior as a symptom of celebritystress

Folks, it’s time to bereal honest here.  One’s celebrity andthe stress that co-exists with it do not give anyone the right to verbally abuseanother individual. No one should be subjected to verbal abuse by anyone at anytime and it certainly should not be an accepted point of view nor should itcontinue for an indefinite period of time without resolution. The dysfunctionwithin the NASCAR family is now exposed for all to see the reality ofacceptability for bad behavior. As any compassionate human being to another,fans want to see this dysfunction addressed in a positive way to benefit all.

Mount Cope Website describes emotional abuse
Many ask why is it different for the Busch brothers comparedto others that have expressed their frustrations over the many years ofNASCAR’s existence.  The answer istwo-fold.  First, as a society we have evolvedto a greater realization of the damage that results from this type of abusivebehavior. The damage not only affects the abused, but the very nature of theabuse is a symptom indicating there are some personal issues that need to be addressed so the abuser can reform their perspective and future behavior. We know thatignoring the problem does nothing to address those issues and enables the badbehavior to perpetuate and ultimately diminish the lives of all involved.
Change bad habits by adopting positive and
empowering habits that will bring what you want in life
Millionaire Secrets Website gives some great tips
to help with your new year resolutions
For the second point, I’m reminded of my High School chemistry teacher addressing excuses for not completing homework assignments in a timelymanner.  The point made by this teacheris something that has held true for many situations throughout the years andcertainly appropriate for this situation. At the beginning of the school year, this teacher told students theguideline used to address repeat offenders. “The first offense is considered an accident inconsistent with usualbehavior.  The second offense just mightbe a coincidence and will be forgiven. However, if the same offense occurs a third time, it is now considered abad habit. And bad habits need to be addressed.” 

Such is the case for the Busch brothers.  They have established their bad habit withrepeated offenses which are now indefensible. Denying the problem, and blamingothers is only further evidence the problem exists and  an indication of resistance to change. Those showing resistance to change often require astartling wake-up call and professional support to make a personal commitment to change their lives for the better.  One great outcome from a successful experience in breaking bad habits and creating new healthy habits, is that past offenders often make great spokespersons to help others recognize, commit and change, thus benefiting many others with the similar challenges.

Recent attempts at public relations spin areevidence to some that Kurt is still in a bit of denial. Many fans and media personalities do not buy hisor the Penske organization statement of “mutual agreement” to part ways and atbest, find the terminology to be a stretch of the truth. These comments moreaccurately appear to be supporting Kurt’s own personal need to save face thathe’s been booted from his second top tier organization. 

"The King" Richard Petty
(photo - Getty Images)
Furthermore, Kurt has turned down an offer with Richard Petty Motorsports, of which many are all too happy to hear. Upon hearing thenews of the potential partnership, many were shocked to hear either party wasentertaining the possibility. Most fans cringe to think of Kurt speaking to “The King” as he has spoken to Roger Penske. No one is a fan Kurt’s repeatedlanguage of profanity with the Phoenix police, his crew, Steve Addington, RogerPenske or Dr. Jerry Punch and most likely others. To put Kurt Busch in the position of potentially further debasinghimself and this legendary team would be a major mistake for all parties and inthe end no one saw this partnership ending well for anyone. While Kurt’s account of turning down the offer is true, fans recognize the positioning actually masksthe issue at hand in that sponsor Best Buy ultimately left RPM and potentialsponsorship at this late date cannot be limited to those willing to take therisk associated with a driver known as a loose cannon with profanity lacedoutbursts. 

Based on all that has transpired, Kurt’s nextpartnership will be the make or break moment of his career. Kurt has chosen togo with owner James Finch of Phoenix Racing and will be the next driver of the#51 car with crew chief Nick Harrison. With the sponsor Rydex SGI, the risk still remains and Kurt cannot afford any outbursts that havehaunted his past. Finch’s comments are refreshingly to the point and withoutthe spin, as he says he has talked with Busch about his past. "He lost ajob and he's lost several million dollars, and so I think that's been a wake-upcall. I told him, I said Kurt it's about winning racing. You need to watch yourtemper and your mouth," Finch said. "I hired him for his foot and nothis mouth.  Hopefully we can get himcontrolled. He's got a long way to come. He's got to show people he's going tobe a driver. And show NASCAR that he's a driver, and he's going to do what'sexpected as a driver." These comments sound as though Finch will not tolerate much of the same problems from Kurt and certainly appears to be abetter fit to ensure Kurt makes the behavior changes needed to bring greatersuccess to his career. So again, much like his brother Kyle, the reality isthat addressing personal issues is a must for their future withinthe sport. 

Kurtand Kyle have both been given another chance to prove themselves on a morepersonal level by addressing their anger management. Both are supported by teams with top-levelequipment, keeping in mind that Phoenix Racing has a partnership with Hendrick Motorsports.  Along with their talent,they have every reason to be successful for many years to come, provided theytruly meet their challenges head on and address them in a positive manner.  As fans, we “get it” that it won’t necessarilybe easy nor will it be without an occasional, and hopefully rare slip backward,but we do have high expectations for a positive outcome.

Aswith many reality shows, fans relate to the challenges presented, because wehave our own problems to cope with and overcome. And this is the time of year to make our own resolutions for change to improve our lives too. Fans want to be personally successful and we pull for others to meet andexceed their challenges too.  Theissues may not be exactly the same, but the desire to overcome is the sameand it’s why we continue to be invested in watching reality shows play outtheir stories. 

What will 2012 bring for the Busch Brothers?
TheNASCAR Busch Brothers reality show will continue in 2012 and beyond.  Even if you’re not their fan, many peoplewant to see Kurt and Kyle overcome their issues and succeed in their careers. Mostlike happy endings, especially those rooted in reality.  Fans understand the Busch brothers’ intense desirefor winning and acknowledge their talent. Most recognize when these brothers overcome their problems and keep their intensity to win on a positive note,they will be an unstoppable force within the sport. Fans also recognize they havetried and failed more than once to address their anger management issues.

So as we consider our own resolutions and those of the Busch Brothers, there is an element of interest in finding out what happens next for Kurt andKyle. The importance of their personal attention and commitment to changebehavior will be the key that will determine not only the future of theirracing careers, but of personal lives as well. Come next year, fans will betuning in for the next episode of the Busch Brothers reality show with anticipation to find out how their stories continue to unfold within the NASCARworld of racing.

NOTE to Readers: Theopinions expressed here are solely those of the author and not intended torepresent all NASCAR fans. Although some will agree with this perspective, itis recognized that others will not. Forthose who disagree with the perspective presented here, you areencouraged to submit a counter-point perspective. Whether you agree or not, everyone isencouraged to respectfully state your view via the comments section below. To submit acount-point article, please see submission details via the SUGGESTION BOXtab. 

As always, Thanks forreading and participating in the Fan4Racing blog site.  
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Drew Brees > GameFAQs, Trolls, & Pinheads

Posted by imelda sovzky on Monday, December 26, 2011

HA!  Good day for (American) football as the New Orleans Saints defeat the Atlanta Falcons 45-16 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Yes, I am a Saints fan.

It's funny because honestly, MANY people here in Louisiana do like the Saints.  But I have some family friends from Pennsylvania who visit on occasion.  The 45-year-old dad, Jim (a retired Marine BTW) always talks about how much he hates the Saints and LSU because everyone down here is a "bandwagoner."  Yet he's a fan of the Cowboys and talks about how "legit" of a fan he is.  Seriously, he calls the Saints-Vikings NFCCG in '09 and the LSU-Alabama regular season game in '11 fluke wins and that they deserve zero credit for winning--erase their names from the record books.  And he also hates how "unfair" it is that all these NCAA bowl games are played in the south and not the north where everyone must play in the "elements.

I don't know what to say anymore about this guy.  Me, my dad, and my brother gang up on him all the time cause all he does is try to pick fights with us in terms of sports.  We're watching sports and having a good time.  It's not a "gang war" with us although he treats it as one.  Then again, he was a Penn State fan but after the Joe Paterno incident (head coach guilty of letting a child molester go free for 10 years), I think it just screwed with his head even more.  "Well, at least LSU doesn't touch little boys," is the only good thing he could muster about LSU.

One thing he did tell me is that "You know all the top NFL coaches (including Sean Peyton) come out of Texas?" and I say, "Because the Cowboys are such a crap franchise that they need to run away from?" and as you can tell, he got a kick out of that.  He'll talk about the Cowboys, but to get him to say "Who dat?" is the equivalent to the "I like crepes," scene from Talladega Nights.  Sports can upset him that much.

Seriously, disregarding my personal euphoria from watching the Saints & LSU win their respective championships, I would love to see the "wimpy dome team" Saints beat the Packers in the snowy tundra in Lambeau Field and LSU run up the score on Alabama because I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE LOOK ON JIM'S FACE WHEN THOSE THINGS HAPPENED.  I mean, I love Jim as a friend but dammit man, he lives or dies by sports and that's just sad.  He even flat-out refused to attend our Thanksgiving dinner a year ago because the Saints-Cowboys game was on and he would "lose it" if the Cowboys lost.  And the Saints did win that game, rofl.

But forget about friends for a second.  Back to today's Saints game, Drew Brees beats Dan Marino's regular season passing yards record and the stadium was STOKED in that moment.  It's history, people.

But many people have problems with that (as people have problems with just about EVERYTHING).  It's worth mentioning that Drew Brees is a classy guy.  We Saints fans just know so--he's respectful to the team, the fans, the media.  He's a family man who takes care of his wife and kids.  EDIT: He does charitable work in the New Orleans area.  And he happens to be a great quarterback to boot who staged his own workouts despite the NFL lockout.  Drew Brees needed 305 passing yards in today's game to beat Marino's record.  And in the first three quarters, he threw for about 270 yards.  And all he really needed was 30 yards in the fourth quarter and that's it, the record was broken on Primetime television.

The Saints, however, had an insurmountable lead in the fourth.  The logical thing to do is to call run plays and let the clock run out.  Instead, because Brees was so close to the record, coach Sean Peyton called a few pass plays among a bunch of running plays (bear in mind you still want to mix up the offense to keep the defense guessing).  And for that reason alone, Brees is a "classless stat-padder," despite giving the whole team credit in a post-game speech.  Yes, it's true that the Saints had one more game left in the season, but they could've potentially rested Brees for that game plus it would've been nice to beat the record on Monday Night Football and do away with it in non-pressure situation and never worry about it again.

If your QB is in the same situation, then you would have said "go for it" too!  The TD at the end is peanuts--Brees couldn't get record without getting the TD so maybe if the Falcons gave better field position then this wouldn't be an issue.

Honestly, I call GameFAQs one of the worst social websites on the web and this is one reason why.  The trolls come out in droves on the GameFAQs NFL board with some really asinine posts from fans of all teams.  I have no idea how I stumbled upon this board but I did anyway.  These are really true posts but I'm not linking to them or anything to protect their anonymity.  And please don't take it like I'm offended or mad at what they have to say...it's more of a "I feel sorry for the next generation" kind of thing:

* There's plenty of proof provided that Brees does nothing but statpad and abuse his child. (Brees abuses his child, when did this happen?)

* marino is too classy to stat pad (Marino is very classy, see here)

* I can't think of a state (Louisiana) least deserving of such football success (LSU and Saints). They had that horrible looting that one year right? (Wow, Katrina reference, that's great!)

* Well damn, when is a tornado going to rip apart Dallas?
(in response to Katrina giving New Orleans football luck...Who wishes this kind of stuff on themselves?)

* LMFAO what a lying pos if you weren't thinking about the record you wouldn't be throwing a TD up 22 points with 3 minutes left in the game (It's a pressure of the moment kind of thing...he has to throw the ball, not think of the record...and it's really easy to call people "lying pos'es" on the Internet it seems.)

* of course you do, one of your ancestors was a thug/murderer/other ne'er-do-well who was deported out of the glorious british empire to a turd off the coast of the phillippines
(Australia...wait, what does mocking that country have to do with anything?)

* Well if Brady is buck naked and hops around the field, defensive players face the awful dilemma of being T-bagged should they try to tackle.

...and if Brady is rock hard, then it's all over for the Bill's D.
(If it weren't for GFAQs strict TOS, this board would be even more tarnished by all the sexual innuendo, oh God have mercy on us)

* I'm a Broncos fan and have been conditioned to hate the Raiders and everything about their franchise, but the Saints are just so much worse. (On one hand, you say the record is insignificant. On the other hand, you loathe anyone who tries for it?)

* Honestly, if they're gonna pull that ****, I want to see Brees's arm get snapped in half and I'd expect him to not play another down after that. (Wow! Wishing life-changing injuries on people over THAT?)

* Classless Saints smh. Marino must be rolling in his grave (Marino's not dead, SHAKE MY HEAD)

* Fortunately, your opinion is just that: an opinion. (Proper response to EVERYTHING on the Internet! Put this guy on the debate team!)

* smh first rodgers beats up cancer patients and blows up childrens hospitals, now Brees kills marino smh (smh at this awful post, smh)

* (New Orleans) murder capitol of da world thug city (What does this have to do with Drew Brees anyway?)

* ESPN made some calls down to the field and reached Sean Payton. They asked him to get Brees the record on their last MNF game of the year since they have been talking about it all night. In return they probably would pay for a vacation for him and his family or a charitable donation to the charity of his choice, but we won't find out what they gave him. (It's automatically assumed that the entire Saints organization as well as ESPN is classless, therefore the Falcons should've been handed the automatic win.)

* throwing a TD up 22 pts with less than 3 minutes to go = not statpadding and necessary to win the game

is this the kind of logic people from convict island
(Australia) grow up with (Cool story bro.)

* i dont have to listen to you

you believe in god! lmao!
(Yes! It's nice to know that anti-religious sentiment still rears its head for no reason whatsoever!)

* The Saints are the most awful, horrific, piece of garbage franchise in sports. (And how many rings has your team won recently?)

* NFLB literally wrote a Wikipedia article

(HA, everyone is mad bro)

* drew brees statpadded and then lied about statpadding while talking out of his ass over katrina and the city of new orleans. there is no reason why he should have jeopardized his team's playoff hopes by staying in the game at that point chasing a record he definitely would've achieved in the following game. (Come cry over my shoulder)

* confirmed garbage-tier human being (Brees = bin Laden, Saddam, Hitler, Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer?)

* Which current NFL QB best describes your sex life? (Has nothing to do with Brees but still creepy)

* This board is a joke. (Amen to that.)

EDIT: There's more.  The roaches are coming out of the woodwork!  And I can't believe I'm giving this guy any credit.  Pete Prisco, a CBS Sports Reporter (A PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST), tweets:

* Mike Smith is too nice. I'd tell my players to hit Brees in the mouth.

* I'd take a personal foul and a fine. For this? This is crap.

* Falcons are ******. But I would have have taken him out. Worth the fine. Worth the penalty.

Don't how how this guy can defend these tweets.  Clearly he's encouraging the Falcons defense to play dirty and injure Brees at any cost.  You call Brees classless?  Rofl, how does this guy have a job?  Smart ass.

By the way, as a response to the running up of the score, in a post-game interview, Falcons coach Mike Smike understands why Drew Brees passed the ball like that.  Props:

"Again, guys I’m not going to comment on that in terms of running up the score. It’s our job to go out there and stop them. I doesn’t matter if they are running the ball or throwing the ball. The job of our defense is to go out and stop them. Again, my hat is off to Drew Brees. It’s a record that’s been long-standing. He’s had a great season."

Listen to Drew speak...does he sound like the jerk everyone made him out to be?  GameFAQs sucks, this so-called "gamer culture" sucks, and I'm glad Drew Brees broke the record.  Blow it out your ass.


EDIT: HA!  Week 17 gets even better as the Saints set a litany of individual & NFL team records, particularly the Most Yards in a Season, making them better than the Greatest Show on Turf, omg:


Passing yards, season: Drew Brees, 5,467 (beats Marino)
Seasons, 400 completions: Brees, 4, 2007-2008, 2010-2011.
300-yard passing games, season: Brees, 13. (beats Ganon)
350-yard passing games, season: Brees, 8.
Games with 30 completions, season: Brees, 9.
Consecutive games, 20 or more completions: Brees, 36.
Consecutive seasons, 350 completions: Brees, 6, 2006-2011
Games with 20 completions, season: Brees, 16. (ties his own record)
Highest completion percentage, season: Brees, (468/657) 71.23% (beats his old record)
Completions, season: Brees, 468. (beats Manning)
Consecutive games, 300 or more yards passing: Brees, 7. (beats Young,Warner,Gannon)
All-purpose yards, season: Darren Sproles, 2,696 (beats Mason)
Number of seasons throwing over 5,000 yards: Brees 2 (2008 and 2011)


Touchbacks, season: 68.
Yards gained, season: 7,474. (beats St. Louis, 2000)
First downs, season: 417. (beats Kansas City, 2004)
First downs passing, season: 280. (beats San Diego, 1985)
Passing completions, season: 472. (beats Indianapolis, New Orleans, 2010)
Net passing yards gained, season: 5,347 (beats St. Louis, 2000)
Completion percentage, season: 71.3% (482/662). (beats Cincinnati, 1982)
Most points scored at home: 329
Fewest fumbles in a season: 6 (beats Kansas City, 2002)
3rd down conversion: 56.7% (unofficial record since 91, beats Colts)

(Thanks SaintsReport!) Too bad Jimmy Graham got stiffed the Most Yards by a TE but there's always next year.
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Posted by imelda sovzky on Sunday, December 25, 2011

I didn't even watch this video before posting it, IT MUST BEEN SEEN BY EVERYONE...!!!  NAGOSHI COMES OUT ON DAYTONA USA!!!

EDIT: I will go back and add what he said:

* 41 was a lucky number he heard from a fortune teller.

* Racing games were one of his team's strong points.  He was on a business trip when he happened to spot a NASCAR race on TV.  It was simple and fun so he presented it as a different direction for the market.

* The AI in Daytona USA is vastly different per car.  Some try to block you, some move out of the way.  It's randomized for that true arcade experience.

* Driving games should be "exciting and refreshing."  He wants players to feel like a race car driver...that they feel "better" after playing the game (I AGREE!!!).

* He had a chance to visit a NASCAR track (not drive, unfortunately) and the track was so steep he couldn't stand on it.  For this reason, the Beginner track is what made the game so great.  He loves this course and the vast amount of time to make it shows.

* He saw Daytona's success in Japanese arcades but was unsure in the rest of the world.  Fifteen years after the game's launch, he saw a Daytona cabinet in a London airport arcade and thought, "Wow, this game is for real."

* He's proud to be the game's producer and it's something that kept him in the game industry for 23 years.  So he thanks you and I for being such great fans.


I don't have much to say.  Judging from what he said, it's clear that he's the "main man" behind Daytona, not Yu Suzuki, not Makoto Osaki.  Nagoshi came up with the #41 car...too bad the luck didn't translate to Daytona 2.

I think it's strange that it took him fifteen years to realize the game's worldwide impact.  Has he EVER browsed the Internet before???  Anyway, did he pitch the idea for the XBLA Daytona remake as a response to his newfound discovery?  Maybe so.  Now maybe he is loosened up to the idea behind another Daytona?  I don't buy it.

We may have learned a few new things, but I don't know what else he could've said.  Funny that this would proceed my philantropic gaming rant.  So if it's okay if I make the games I like, then doesn't the same apply to Nagoshi?  What can I do about it?  Disregarding his ridiculous lifestyle, it's his choice on what games to make.  Well, at least he could stop acting ridiculous and come out and say, "Thank you Daytona USA fans" (with that sympathetic English translator's voice) which is exactly what he did so...what else can he do?  Just say, "I was completely wrong, I will only make racing games from now on"?

I think with the resurgence of Sega media, now more people know about Scud Race and Daytona 2 than ever before so Nagoshi may see some pressure.  I think most of us are wising up to his antics.

I get on Nagoshi's case a lot but I have to say thanks for the work you've done for racing games so far and good luck with the future.  Even if it's just a bunch of Yakuza sequels.  Maybe he'll wise up but who knows.

Christmas Presents: More Free Games, Racing Pitches, Etc.

Posted by imelda sovzky

Well, you got Super Sprint which is a great present on its own.  But because I'm such a nice guy, I'll let you in on a surprise Christmas stocking stuffer:

Download Pong With Guns!!!  I actually made this game years ago in my undergrad college.  Shoot the blocks but don't shoot or let the balls fall down.  Game gets faster as you score more points.  The catch is this game uses Seinfeld quotes as sound effects!!!  It's a shallow game but you may like it.


Oh, and I do have this.  I got the racing game pitch I made in November.  Someone recorded them all and I had mine on the computer for about a month.  I was too reluctant to show anyone.  But since you are all my friends, I'll show it.  Please bear in mind this pitch was given in front of about 50 people (including the Production professor):

It's just not worth hiding from the camera anymore...I don't care, I hate watching everyone else showcase their winning pitches so here's mine.

For about a week, all I heard was how great my pitch was (from both students and faculty) though the game didn't make it.  Which sucks since the point of the pitch was to get the game made more than anything.   Now that I think about it, FIEA is just a bad venue to make games in anyway.  Just stick with the safe pick beat 'em up/adventure game and call it a day.  It's all about portfolio work more than anything.

I think I did myself in when I said "let's go for the iconic style over technical," cause these pitches were all about satisfying the artists (the largest voting block), let's just get that out of the way now.  But I'm going to say this now.  If you pitch it, they will come...no, I'm not pandering to these folks.  This is pretty much what I want and then people will get behind it, I know so.  We won't quit, even in the face of peer pressure, vertical slices, whatever.  Stay the course.



And I'll foreshadow my next post with this:

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by imelda sovzky on Saturday, December 24, 2011

From all of us here at Racing To The Checkered we would like to wish all of you and your families a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 
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Philanthropy In Game Design

Posted by imelda sovzky


noun \fə-ˈlan(t)-thrə-pē\
plural phi·lan·thro·pies

Definition of PHILANTHROPY

1: goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially : active effort to promote human welfare
2 a : an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes b : an organization distributing or supported by funds set aside for humanitarian purposes 


Because Christmas is the Season of Giving, I figure I'll talk about this. There's several reasons why people make video games, mostly a combination of these I'm about to mention:

* To make money.  Dirty sexy money.  Don't doubt that the developers of Minecraft, Angry Birds, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, etc. are laughing their asses off to the bank right now.  Granted, profit is not bad (you NEED money to live) but for some, it's less about the game and more about the money.  We know that.


* To educate or get some point across to the audience.  Like if you hate McDonald's, you make a game about cows getting slaughtered.  These games suck.  Like in Dead Rising *MILD SPOILER* the outbreak was caused by genetically mutated cows.  And there's a subtle message about the "evils" of American consumerism (zombies in a mall).  So instead of buying things from evil corporate Wal-Mart, I should turn of electricity and water, sit at home at my farm, plant a field of and knit a quilt (get the yarn from my own livestock).  Whatever you say, boss.

* This is a big one--you get to make games that personally move YOU.  Think arty-farty stuff here.  You want to make a game about an elf going around stabbing monsters with swords?  Or a game about rolling stuff up in a ball?  Or a game about a dad who will cut off his pinky finger to save his son?  You got it.

Thankfully we have visionaries who will go the distance to make "art" like this.  It's great.  It's where we get the Marios, Sonics, and *cough* Halos of gaming.

* Then there's the opposite of the above.  Rather than make games for yourself, you make games that cater to other people's wants.  Oh dear, who will make a good Sonic game?  Well, Sega will do it because we love the fans (really?).  Or who will a new motion control Zelda game or a Gran Turismo game on the Xbox?  While there's the money motive involved (SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!), you know some Good Guy Greg's (or GGG for short) are patting themselves on the back like "Good job, we made those people happy."

And this is when I reach a conundrum.  I'll say this--my main goal, as sad as it is, is to make a new Daytona game (or some equivalent).  It's just branded into my psyche and it won't go away.

But instead, I'm detoured by all sorts of other games.  Like Battle Fortress Tortoise for school.  Games I'm not as enthusiastic about working on but I know there's a fanbase who'd love to see this game get made.  More people than Daytona USA for sure.  I'm still feeling a bit rebellious seeing as my game pitch never had a chance but am I being an ass for being stubborn in my pursuit for more racing games?

So this is where free will comes in.  Let's throw out money and fame for a second.  If you had the choice to make a game you LIKE that won't please as many people or a game you DON'T LIKE but will please many, what do you do?  A guess a good example would be like Peter Parker in the Spiderman move.  Do you save Mary Jane or the school bus full of kids?  And no, you can't save both--Peter got lucky there, you can't.

Isn't it a bit selfish to make games that you like even though they won't do much good for everyone else?  How is that a bad thing--YOU'RE the one putting in tons of mental labor, not them.  The video game industry is such a mess now with people begging to get "what they want" that you'll leave some out to try and that's the breaks.  Besides, if you make a great game, maybe you'll be able to "convert" them to your side.  I don't think you could make some crazy games like Katamari Damacy or Shenmue without hoping for this to kick in.  Besides, if the majority of fans got what they wanted, then we'd be sitting on a mountain of Call of Duties, Halos, Zeldas, and Final Fantasies.  Geez.

Oh well, I know that Sega is throwing us fans crumbs....we got Daytona USA, Sega Rally, and OutRun 2 ports recently, but I feel there's more.  Like it took the work of people like Bart to emulate Model3 games when Sega seemed unwilling to do so.  The question is how far is Sega going to go to satisfy our miniscule fanbase?  Just admit it--there's not a whole lot of people itching for a new Daytona.  There's however a lot more people itching for a new Sonic and that's what you get--more Sonic games (thankfully, they're better now).

I guess that's why I'm working at becoming a game programmer cause I'm taking matters into my own hands.  Oh, I want people to play games and be happy but if I'm assigned to a project that I have some say in, I don't know which way I'll go.  Be sure to leave feedback so I can know what the people want...rambling idiots on message boards DO NOT COUNT.

Batman was never really "loved" by the people.  He just swooped into the save the day and off he went.  No one knew who his true identity so they couldn't really thank him.  A true GGG.  So who are you going to be--Batman or some egotistical jerk?


EDIT: On the contrary, I went to sleep and was reminded of this quote from Talladega Nights that no one seems to remember.  It's the end of the movie:

Reese Bobby, the bum father waiting in the parking lot, says, "Hey Ricky, let me ask you a question.  Who'd you win that race for?"  And Ricky replies, "I guess if I really gotta think about it, I just went out there and drove...and knew that no matter what happened, my boys, my momma, and my lady would love me."

Maybe there is no shame in doing my own thing since I'm just doing what I love and maybe people will understand.


I think I'm over-analyzing this topic.
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