School Video Game Projects: Segways & Moon Rovers

Posted by imelda sovzky on Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, right now, the difficulty curve for my gaming college is slightly escalating though I'm doing fine ATM.  I'm working on my second team game for this semester.  We're using the Unity engine.  It's due next Tuesday.  Hopefully, we don't have to sprint to the finish line :(

I like this team I'm working with.  A week ago, I had to attend a class while the rest of my team discussed what the game would be about.  I show up and sure enough, they say "You like moving vehicles, right?" and I'm like, "Pschyeah," and he's like "Cool, check this game out..."

The first idea we had for a game was called "Segway Samurai."  The idea is you play as some nerdy white-collar Taiwanese dude (dressed like a Geek Squad guy, I presume) who's really bored with his life.  He rides to work on a Segway while wearing a helmet and kneepads.  Then he finds an antique samurai sword that he keeps because nerds love swords & stuff.

However, this sword belonged to one of his ancient ancestors and so it talks to him in strange gibberish.  He needs to free-roam around the city collecting scrolls that reveal parts of the story and give him clues.  Whilst this is happening, our hero must fight ninjas on Ninja motorcycles and ghosts all while riding his Segway.  Then at the end, he fights "The Baron," a wealthy 19th century Englishman who likes collecting valuable antiques like the samurai sword our hero wields.  He also rides a unicycle and challenges you to a jousting contest (EDIT: he uses his cane).

The whole idea for the game made me rofl so hard.  However, the next day, I went to the group meeting and everyone ditched the idea due to technical limitations or something like that.  Oh well...

Now we are working on a new game.  You control a six-wheel space APC-like vehicle (an AI robot that needs to get home to his owner...something like that) as you drive around on the Moon looking for clues as to what happened in this former mining colony.  There's hills, valleys, a city, meteor showers, etc. The handling on this thing feels like something out of San Francisco's all floppy and crazy and stuff. 

Right now, I'm in charge of the car handling.  Well duh, that's my expertise.  I have little knowledge of the story being told at the moment.  I'm not a "story guy," remember?  Remember, Unity implements moving vehicles rather easily so it's just a matter of setting all the car parameters.  Seriously, this is Gran Turismo stuff we're getting into like mass, center of mass, damping, spring length, torque/RPMs, etc.  Read this hough-jazz PDF on the gritty details on creating/handling a vehicle.

WOW, at the same time I was typing this paragraph, I saw a mid-sized spider crawl on my bed near my arm.  So I threw the laptop down and smashed it to pieces with my mousepad.

Oh, and one more thing at school.  We have to make a game in Assembly.  These are assignments that we must do individually.  Use the 68000K Assembly IDE and make a game with a cannon shooting balls at moving targets.  Should be lots of fun.  While I could spit out a game like this in C++ or Java in no time, Assembly is much more tedious.  It's like building a house out of Jenga blocks.  Or recreating the Mona Lisa using a box of Crayola crayons and a sheet of printer paper.  But it's okay, because fixed point hexadecimal is fun!

And now you know why EVERYBODY wants to be a game producer, NOT a game programmer.

But really, the purpose behind Assembly is that it's the most "pure" form of code in that it runs closest to the microprocessor and hence is the "quickest" (it uses those elusive registers which are as valuable as gold).  Of course, it's much harder to discern and it's nearly impossible to make games post-1985 with just Assembly code alone (check out the Pac-man code).  Assembly is most necessary if you want to deal with hardware programming.  I'm pretty sure Yu Suzuki could take on any Assembly challenge.  If he can do it, then I should too..........

Will talk about Daytona 2 next time.  Also if you like Team Fortress 2 and sh-mups, check out this free downloadable game, it's rather interesting.
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Kurt Busch's Dover aim? A nice, smooth day

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Kurt Busch's Dover aim? A nice, smooth day

By Jim Pedley
Special to Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service

(September 29, 2011)

Kurt Busch is setting his sights only medium high for this weekend's Sprint Cup race at Dover International Speedway. Of course, the 2004 series champion would love to win the AAA 400 on Sunday, but for a couple of reasons, it sounds like he is willing to accept a bit less.
His battle cry for Dover seems to be: Just avoid trouble, baby.
"We're just looking for a nice, smooth day," Busch said earlier this week when asked about his Penske Racing team's prospects in Sunday's race at the Monster Mile.
Considering Busch's place in the standings (ninth), and what took place last weekend and the location of Sunday's race, a desire for a nice, smooth day at Dover is understandable.
Busch had a very nice regular season in 2011. He started by finishing fifth in the Daytona 500 and never fell out of the top 10 in points afterward. He had one very satisfying victory
at the Infineon road course
and 14 top-10s in the first 26 races.
He easily clinched a Chase berth and then started the playoffs off with a sixth-place finish at Chicagoland Speedway.
"We started out (the season) strong and there is no reason why" (he can't finish that way), Busch said after grilling up lunch for fans and media at a Kansas City barbeque joint this week.
Well, there might be a couple reasons why.
Busch ran into a bit of trouble in last weekend's Race No. 2 of the Chase, which was held at the New Hampshire "Magic Mile."
His car failed to make it through prerace inspection because it was found to be out of spec. His team had to go furiously to work on the car and then get it back through inspection.
"NASCAR wasn't 100 percent happy with what they saw on one of their gauges that kind of checks where the rear end is in the car, so we had to do a little work on it," Travis Geisler, director of competition at Penske, said. "It's a 'go' or 'no-go' type of gauge and it didn't go."
Busch's No. 22 Dodge apparently did not like the reworking it underwent, because after the race started, Busch fell backward in the field.
"The front tires felt like they were on skids," Busch said post-race, "and the car was plowing through the corners. We were late going through inspection, and that set the tone for our day."
Busch finished 22nd
his worst finish since wrecking in back-to-back races at Watkins Glen and Michigan in August
and he arrives in Dover ninth in points and 28 behind leader Tony Stewart.
Busch has never won at Dover in a Cup car. Never has had a podium. And he has five DNFs.
Hence those hopes for smooth day on Sunday.
Buoying hope are good showings Busch has had this year at other problem tracks for him.
"When you look at the most success we've had this season compared to all the previous years, it is a good feeling to see the (non-points) wins we had back in Daytona during Speedweeks," Busch said. "And who would ever think that our big win so far this year would come on the road course out in Sonoma. It's cool to see that our strength has grown at Penske Racing to be able to be that competitive in those races.
"Who knows? This might just be our time to shine at Dover, too."
What Busch does know is that he cannot afford another Loudon-like outing.
"We just really need another solid performance there this weekend," he said, "that's for sure."

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Just Played Daytona 2 & Scud Race Emulation--Thoughts...

Posted by imelda sovzky on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let me say this before I begin... Many of us have found "Shangri-la" with this Supermodel emulator. I feel good having played these games for the first time. I feel pressured to talk about Daytona 2, Scud Race, and maybe Sega Rally 2 (when I get around to it) and NOTHING ELSE for the next six months. Well, hey, there's still much more things to talk about. I'm still the greatests creative thinker/philosopher on the Internet, am I? So whatever, onto the main point:

Yesterday, I downloaded the new Supermodel emulator and fire up Daytona 2 and Scud Race.  At first, the game is running at about 70% of the speed, the sound's working just fine, and I was playing with the keyboard.  Note though that the sound effects are rather "tinny" because the game doesn't run seamlessly but that's okay--engines & music come through great.  I was put off a bit at first because I was tired and wasn't really in the mood for gaming.  So I tried to put the Supermodel emulator in the back of my mind so I could pay attention to school.

Today, I decide to try Daytona 2 again.  I changed some of the command parameters.  This is what I have the best luck with on Daytona 2 & Scud Race:  Go full-screen but don't go max-resolution. Yeah, it sucks that you lose pixels but I never noticed:

Supermodel -fullscreen -no-throttle -ppc-frequency=50 -res=1024,768

Then I assigned input to the joysticks.  If you want to try it, type in "Supermodel -config-inputs" in the command line.  It saves your input to the Config/Supermodel.ini file.  This is from my ini file.  It's an ASCII file which means you can open it in Notepad with no problem:

InputStart1 = "JOY1_BUTTON10"
InputCoin1 = "JOY1_BUTTON9"
InputServiceA = "KEY_1"
InputServiceB = "KEY_2"
InputTestA = "KEY_3"
InputTestB = "KEY_4"
InputSteering = "JOY1_ZAXIS"
InputAccelerator = "JOY1_BUTTON6"
InputBrake = "JOY1_BUTTON5"
InputGearShift1 = "JOY1_POV1_UP+JOY1_POV1_LEFT"
InputGearShift2 = "JOY1_POV1_DOWN+JOY1_POV1_LEFT"
InputGearShift3 = "JOY1_POV1_UP+JOY1_POV1_RIGHT"
InputGearShift4 = "JOY1_POV1_DOWN+JOY1_POV1_RIGHT"
Rest of inputs say "NONE".  I'm not playing anything other than racers ATM.  You get this on my current Logitech USB Joystick:

Yeah, that's right.  You flick the left joystick diagonally to change gears.  It's brilliant!  No need to worry about being stuck in neutral.  In all honesty, any future racing games with a 4-gear shifter need to assign the gears to one of the joysticks and not the buttons.  If you're still having trouble with getting the control input working, I guess I could help with that if you ask.

So anyway, after making these two major changes, they had a HUGE impact on the game.  It's running at nearly 100%!  The frame rate is always at 60 except in a few places that always lag for a half-a-second, like under the pirate ship and in the park next to the baseball fields.

The difference from 70% to 100% speed is TREMENDOUS.  I swear, that frown just left my face.  Words cannot explain what this game feels like at its original speed.  You have to play it and feel it for yourself.  This isn't me playing but I believe this is close to 100%, maybe 95% since recording in Fraps slows things down.

The biggest annoyance though is that the car handling is really twitchy if you steer left or right very quickly.  The camera just jerks all around.  The reason why is because the game was deliberately programmed for steering wheels and hence the programmers didn't expect people to be able to turn the wheel THAT fast.  The game can also get obnoxiously choppy at some point (running at 60 fps but you can't keep up) but with the parameters I mentioned above, the game becomes tolerable.

Anyway, this is great...I'm okay at the game but not as good as I once was.  Obviously, if you try to jump back into a game you've never played in five years, it's going to be a little tough.


So let me get to what I meant with my initial paragraph.  For me, let me just say that being able to play Daytona 2 again is great.  From February 1, 2005 to September 28, 2011, it's been a real sonuva bitch not being able to play Daytona 2.  But it's not the end of my "journey."

As a matter of fact, this is almost a bitter moment.  You play the game today and it's great but there's nothing changed from its original 1998 release.  This is a game we should've played at home ten years ago but we never got it.  Sega bailed on it just like that.  And since it's an arcade game, the game isn't really "structured"--there's only four cars, three tracks, and all you can do is run loops over and over again trying to get high scores.  No multiplayer (as of now), no new content on the horizon (duh), and still a couple of things about the game I would still change.

Don't get me wrong because Daytona 2 is one of those games, along with other Sega racers, that, to me, I don't feel the need to play them non-stop (well, it is a very intense game that can tire you out fast). It's moreso the concepts & ideas that got me by.  Fast-paced racing, blue skies, everything's cool...I still feel good about it.  They affected me more than other games do so that's why they're my "favorites." So maybe this is why I'm not so "shocked" about being able to play Daytona 2 again because I held on dearly to the memories about it. I still know the music, the cars, the scenery, the physics, it's still there. And I'd be hard-pressed to actually get back to the feel of the old arcade cabinet...when I was young and I was getting a hang of the game, oh man that was a blast.

On the other hand, a Daytona USA Megamix with more cars & I'd HAVE to play that all the time.

My main regret is I wish I could've done more to help save Sega racers. I mean, Sega's releasing some mysterious Daytona port & we got tons of emulators. I'm still here though, doing my "part." But no matter--I'm pleased that the community gets to play these games too so if you've never tried it, then go do it now, no matter what computer you're using. Apparently, this latest update supposedly improves the game's performace. See ya later...
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Supermodel Emulator With Sound Is Now Available!!!

Posted by imelda sovzky on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Like how the Fonz is the only one who can get the jukebox to play music (by hitting it), so is Bart the only one who can get the computer to play model3 games.

This 0.2 update was actually released on 9/25 (two days ago), but I didn't know until today.  I found out on the Outrun Online Arcade GameFAQs board.  See, I had several topics from that board in my GFAQs Track Topic list, but I never actually went to the board itself--I just looked at the tracked topics not knowing if someone made a new topic or not.  Well, my mistake.

More to come...............................................................

Post on the official Supermodel Forums!!!...which are pink for some reason.
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Monster Mile A Monster Hurdle For Points Leader Stewart

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Monster Mile A Monster Hurdle For Points Leader Stewart

Tony Stewart has already accomplished the unthinkable in going 2-for-2 to open the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, winning at both Chicagoland Speedway and New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
In capturing his first two victories of 2011 in such a fashion, Stewart became only the second driver to start the Chase with two consecutive wins. The first was in 2008 by Greg Biffle, who went on to finish third in that season’s championship points.
Now, can he do the seemingly impossible? For one, he’d be the first to open the Chase with three consecutive wins. Two, it’d be the first time in his career he has ever won three straight. Three, you have to go all the way back to the 2007 Chase for the last time anyone won three straight in the Chase (Jimmie Johnson won four consecutive Chase races that season). And four, he’d have to win at Dover, something that hasn’t happened for Stewart in more than a decade.
Stewart enjoys-loathes a love-hate relationship with Dover. His career at the one-mile concrete oval, a series of peaks and valleys, includes two victories – but none since his Dover sweep of 2000.
There has been the good – that 2000 sweep at Dover, the only track sweep in his illustrious career. There has been the bad – a Driver Rating of 71.4, making Dover his worst track (by a good bit) in terms of the Loop Data statistic. Driver Rating includes all Dover races since 2005, a span of 13 events. His second-worst track in terms of Driver Rating is Charlotte Motor Speedway (82.2).
And there has been the bizarre – the Dover race in June of 2006, when he opted to hop out of the car after he injured his shoulder a week earlier. Ricky Rudd relieved Stewart after 38 laps, finishing the race in what was then Stewart’s No. 20 Home Depot Chevrolet.
Stewart’s cushion going into Sunday’s race is a small one – seven points ahead of Kevin Harvick. The last time Stewart led the points during the Chase: In 2005, when he won his second NASCAR Sprint Cup championship.

"Bad” Brad Anything But

In only nine races, Brad Keselowski has moved from 23rd in points to his current position of third. And since he broke his ankle, a span eight races ago, he has scored more points than any other driver – by a lot. Over the last eight races, Keselowski has scored 332 points. Second during that span is Jeff Gordon, with 304.
Here’s why. Numbers over the last nine races look like this: two wins, six top fives, eight top 10s and a Driver Rating of 96.3. His worst finish over the last nine races is still-solid 12th at Richmond.
Keselowski’s third-place points position is the best of his career, and currently 11 points behind leader Stewart, he’s inching towards the first points lead in his career. There’s no sign of him stalling anytime soon, and past statistics don’t really tell the story for Keselowski. If they did, he probably wouldn’t be considered a favorite. His stats at the upcoming eight tracks: 31 starts, two wins (Talladega and Kansas), two top fives, five top 10s, an average finish of 19.6 and a Driver Rating of 69.2.
In three NASCAR Sprint Cup starts at Dover, Keselowski has finishes of 18th, 22nd and 13th, which came in May of this year. He won the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Dover in May of 2009.

Johnson Facing Tall Order To Overcome Early Deficit

Jimmie Johnson has been down – but not out – before.
Three times he’s fallen to ninth in the championship standings, twice in 2004 when he scratched his way back to finish runner-up to Kurt Busch. Johnson opened the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup ninth after a 39th-place finish in 2006, the season in which he claimed the first of five consecutive titles.
Two races into this year’s postseason, Johnson finds himself at an all-time Chase low of 10th, 29 points behind leader Tony Stewart.
The deficit doesn’t seem like much at first glance but consider:
•           Those 29 points represent roughly 120 points under the previous system.
•           He’s more than half a race in the hole, points-wise.
•           Even more disturbing, Johnson cannot race his way to the lead without help. Wishing for nine rivals to stumble over the course of eight races may be an extremely tall order.
All that may have prompted this tweet from Chase rival Brad Keselowski on Tuesday afternoon, moments after ESPN announced that the ratings for Sunday’s New Hampshire race were up from last season: “I think ratings are up cuz [sic] it doesn't look like J.J. will win it again.”
Humorous trash talking aside, Johnson has another reason to smile. Dover International Speedway is one of the California native’s best tracks. He has won three of the last five races and six times overall, and has posted eight top fives and 13 top 10s along with three Coors Light Poles. Johnson owns a series-best Driver Rating of 117.4 at the Monster Mile, where he finished ninth in May. Click here for video of Johnson discussing how Dover is his favorite track.

These Four Hope To Spoil The Party At Dover

It’s a given that during the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup a non-Chase qualifier must do something spectacular to get noticed – like win a race.
Several drivers came close at Chicagoland Speedway and most recently in New Hampshire.
Two, Martin Truex Jr. and Greg Biffle, ride front-of-the-field momentum as well as owning stellar records at Dover International Speedway.
•           Truex, winner at Dover in spring 2007, has led the past three races at the track. He finished 18th and 16th in the first two Chase races but led both and had the looks of a winner in Chicago.
•           Biffle counts a pair of victories at Dover, most recently during the 2008 Chase. He finished third in New Hampshire, a 2011 season high.
•           Another who shouldn’t be counted out is Mark Martin, a four-time Dover winner who’ll be making his 51st start at the concrete surfaced track. Martin raced at the head of the field in New Hampshire leading 46 laps.
Finally, Brian Vickers finished fifth at Dover in the spring. He’s also riding a bit of momentum with a fifth-place finish in New Hampshire.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Etc.

Good news for Kevin Harvick, currently second in the points: During the Chase era (2004-Present), the points leader after the second Chase race has never gone on to win the championship. In four of the seven previous Chases, though, the driver in second after two Chase races did go on to win the championship – including Jimmie Johnson in each of the last three seasons. … Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford, will appear at the Bayhealth Foundation Charitable Golf Tournament, co-sponsored by Dover Motorsports, Inc., on Thursday, Sept. 29 at Wild Quail Golf and Country Club in Wyoming, Del. Biffle will compete in a putting contest against tournament participants and attending media members at 11:30 a.m. The winner will have Biffle drive them to the first three holes of the tournament in a golf cart, and will be eligible for a 3M crew shirt, a Dover International Speedway prize bag, and two tickets to all three days of the Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2011 race weekend at Dover. After the tournament’s start, at 1 p.m. Biffle will participate in a media availability during a media lunch in the Wild Quail clubhouse. … Melora Hardin, best known for her role as Jan Levinson on the hit NBC series “The Office,” will sing the National Anthem prior to the running of the “AAA 400” NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Oct. 2 at Dover International Speedway. … Milestone Watch: David Ragan will make his 300th NASCAR National Series start, Mike Bliss will attempt to make his 125th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series start, Ryan Newman will attempt to post his 50th series Coors Light pole and 150th series top-10 finish, Juan Pablo Montoya will attempt to post his 50th series top-10 finish.

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Sporting News Power Poll after New Hampshire

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Sporting News Power Poll after New Hampshire
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
(September 27, 2011)
Tony Stewart is on top of this week’s Sporting News Power Poll for the first time this season after winning his second race in a row. Stewart followed up his win in the Chase opener at Chicagoland with a victory Sunday at New Hampshire. Second in the poll is Brad Keselowski, who finished second to Stewart at Loudon, for his second straight top-five finish and his sixth in the past eight races. Previous No. 1 Kevin Harvick dropped to fifth after finishing 12th Sunday. The power poll is a weekly collaboration of Sporting News,, and NASCAR Illustrated.
1. Tony Stewart (last week: 4th) Stewart led two laps, his fewest ever en route to a Cup win. But 2 is a popular number these days at Stewart-Haas Racing: Smoke is 2-for-2 in this year’s Chase.
 2. Brad Keselowski (5th) BK and crew chief Paul Wolfe are making something from nothing too often for it to be accidental.
 3. Jeff Gordon (8th) After the race, crew chief Alan Gustafson was very apologetic on the No. 24’s radio. Gordon’s response was a conspicuous silence.
 4. Carl Edwards (2nd) Edwards escaped Loudon with an eighth-place finish and fourth place in points. Mission accomplished.
 5. Kevin Harvick (1st) Harvick complained his way to a 12th-place finish. Those 12 bonus points sure look like they’ll come in handy.
 6. Matt Kenseth (6th) Kenseth wasn’t as strong as he was last week at Chicagoland, but at least he managed his fuel and got a decent finish.
 7. Jimmie Johnson (3rd) Testy exchange with Chad Knaus revealed Five-Time’s frustration. He has never been lower than ninth in the Chase standings. Until now.
 8. Kyle Busch (9th) Busch hasn’t shown the speed he’ll need to be a championship contender. Dover should be better.
 9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (10th) Junior had about the same speed he showed at Chicagoland but not nearly the same luck.
 10. Kurt Busch (7th) Busch’s team failed him at New Hampshire, but his inability to handle adversity will keep him from being a serious title contender.
 11. Ryan Newman (11th) Slow pit stops left Newman deep in the field, and a flat tire at the end of the race only made it worse. At least he didn’t run out of gas like he did at Chicagoland.
 12. Clint Bowyer (12th) Tough break for Bowyer to run out of gas with the lead in the closing laps. He and Stewart were in the exact opposite situations in this race a year ago.
 13. Greg Biffle (19th) The Biff finally finished where he ran. His third at New Hampshire was only his second top five of the year.
 14. David Ragan (15th) Ragan’s in the midst of one of his most productive three-race stretches of the season with an average finish of 7.3 (mirroring his seventh at New Hampshire) and making a case to remain at Roush Fenway in 2012.
 15. Denny Hamlin (14th) And there you have it. Despite having a good car, Hamlin’s fuel cell ran dry with three laps to go and now he sits 66 points behind the leader.
16. Martin Truex Jr. (17th) The team’s flat-track program isn’t up to snuff, but Truex should rebound this week at Dover.
 17. Mark Martin (13th) Martin led 46 laps, ran sixth with 50 to go and was then felled by a flat tire in the waning laps. Martin deserved a much better finish Sunday than 24th.
 18. Kasey Kahne (18th) Kahne had a good weekend. He qualified well and led a bunch of laps. Then, he ran out of gas and saw a strong run go to waste.
 19. Juan Pablo Montoya (21st) The No. 42 was a top-10 car for the final two-thirds of race. Montoya’s ninth-place finish was his first top 10 in his past six starts.
 20. AJ Allmendinger (16th) A so-so day for AJ at New Hampshire. Dover is much more his cup of tea.
 21. Jeff Burton (22nd) With his 13th-place run, he has finished a very Burton-like 12th to 16th in the past five races at Loudon.
 22. Regan Smith (25th) Smith scored his first top 10 since finishing third at the Brickyard two months ago.
 23. Paul Menard (20th) Menard’s 20th-place run was undistinguished. But after teammate Harvick questioned Landon Cassill’s spin, Menard’s legacy may be the suspicion surrounding team orders.
 24. Joey Logano (23rd) Logano struggled but salvaged a 14th-place finish. We shouldn’t be surprised: Logano’s win and other two top 10s at the track have come in the summer races at Loudon. His finishes in the four fall races: 32nd, 21st, 35th and 14th.
 25. Brian Vickers (NR) Vickers led four laps. That might not sound like a big deal, but he hadn’t led a lap all season. His fifth-place finish was his second top five of the year.
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What a difference a Chase makes.

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What a difference a Chase makes.
Tony Stewart unleashed his own version of rope-a-dope again last weekend, going two-for-two to open the Chase, this time winning at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
In doing so, Stewart went from worst-to-first in two races, nabbing the points lead and becoming an immediate favorite to win his third NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.
Can Stewart win his third straight this weekend? If so, it’ll be the first time he has ever won three consecutive races. His chance will come Sunday, in the AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway.
NASCAR Nationwide Series action returns this weekend, and the battle between Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Elliott Sadler continues. Their fight for a first NASCAR Nationwide title wages on in Saturday afternoon’s OneMain Financial 200 at Dover.
The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series heads to its penultimate standalone race of the season, with a tight three-way points battle between Austin Dillon, James Buescher and Johnny Sauter. The tough trucks hit Kentucky Speedway for Saturday night’s Kentucky 225.
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Sega & Steam Got A Relationship Going On

Posted by imelda sovzky on Monday, September 26, 2011

First, I'd like to thank all the commenters for the comments I've received lately.  I hope I'm doing a good job here on this blog which I do entirely for free every day!!!

A weekend that lasts six days.  Now that's the kind of weekend we can all get behind!!!

Anyway, go buy Sega games off Steam now!!  Most are 75% off or more.

Well, I own some of these games for Xbox 360, sorry, PC gaming is "lame," rofl.  What's this--buy 79 Sega games for 79 dollars???  Why are all these games on sale anyway???  Is Sega that desperate to sell games that they give them away for that cheap?  Anyway, it doesn't even include all games like Renegade Ops.  That costs $15 and you have to buy it separately.  I've heard it's a good game thoughEDIT: And I also realized RO for the PC will also feature the Gordon Freeman there you go again, SegaxSteam fanfiction on the way...

40 of those 79 Sega games are Genesis games.  As cruel as this sounds...just get a Genesis emulator.  You get save states and speed throttling.  If anything, the emulator should cost money, not the games (roms).

You have to realize though that Steam has been practically giving away games recently.  Most people are playing console games, not PC games, hence the whole "PC Gaming is Dead" phrase.  Not to mention rampant piracy on the PC.  I bought Left 4 Dead 1 AND 2 for $5.  Let me repeat--2 games for $5.  Well, L4D1 is now null and void cause you can play L4D campaigns on L4D2 now, but L4D2 for $5...not bad.  Now I have this l33t laptop that can run Source games flawlessly.  But I've got bigger games to play, like Sega Racers, Rock Band, and Advance Wars!!

And another thing...what's up with Team Fortress 2 and all the hats?  I know TF2 is free but the hats require some time & effort to unlock.  So it's sort of their Call of Duty/Farmville hook to get you playing.  Something's not right, people.  EDIT: Finally found that picture I was looking for...two weeks later.

Look at this, it's a mess.  These hats are a mess, yes I said it.  I'm going back to Team Fortress Classic.  I love Goldsource.

Oh, by the way...since I go to a video game school, I occasionally get free stuff, like video game beta keys?  One of my professors made his rounds offering people free Diablo 3 beta codes!  But I turned it down.  Why?  I don't like Diablo, rofl.

Come to think of it, I should've taken it and sold/used it as bribe material.  Yeah, so I guess I screwed up! But that's okay cause I only advocate happy games, remember? I will not sell out on my values!

Poor guy
...I wish I had more to talk about but it's been a long day (sat at school for 8 hours, drank cold black coffee again and got the jitters) so I just want to be left alone for a sec, okay....  If you want something educational pertaining to games, read this: Ten Facts about the Video Game Crash of '83!  Good read...
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Stewart’s possum act is making road kill of Chase rivals

Posted by imelda sovzky

Stewart’s possum act is making road kill of Chase rivals
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
(September 26, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—Tony Stewart can’t possibly win the Chase this year.
That’s what the driver of the No. 14 Stewart-Haas Chevrolet wanted you—and his 11 competitors in the race for the Sprint Cup title—to believe.
That’s why Stewart said during a Sept. 15 Chase media day interview in Chicago that there were seven drivers who could win the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup—and he wasn’t one of them.
Two Chase races and two victories later, Stewart is laughing up his sleeve. With Sunday’s victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Stewart grabbed the championship lead from Kevin Harvick, who entered the Chase with a 12-point cushion over Stewart, thanks to four regular-season wins to Stewart’s none.
Though Stewart’s cars had been substandard for much of the season, he and crew chief Darian Grubb found something at Atlanta and Richmond, the last two races before the Chase. Stewart didn’t want his rivals to know that, either, discounting his ferocious run to third place at Atlanta as irrelevant, because Atlanta Motor Speedway, though an intermediate downforce track, doesn’t drive the way any of the five intermediates in the Chase do.
Stewart’s demurral about Atlanta didn’t fool Carl Edwards.
“I’d like to agree with him and say he’s not a threat and we don’t even have to worry about him, but I’m going to disagree with Tony and say that I think he is a threat,” Edwards said. “The first time that I actually started getting nervous about that team was at the end of the Atlanta race when he was just marching forward, and I thought, ‘Man, they’ve got something here.’
“If you remember back to our win at Vegas, he was screaming fast there, so I think they’re going to be tough. I think Tony is obviously a great racecar driver. He’s been through championship battles and won them, and I think he’s going to be tough unless they have some sort of slump like everybody can have and everybody has had, then they’re going to be tough. He’s not going to make mistakes.”
Edwards made those comments two days before Stewart won at Loudon.
Stewart himself views his recent success as a four-race turnaround, and after walking from victory lane to the media center Sunday, he acknowledged it. From a human perspective, the two Chase wins have given Stewart-Haas a much-needed boost.
“When you talk about momentum, that racecar doesn’t know anything about momentum,” Stewart said. “It knows what you put in it; it knows how we drive it. It doesn’t know stats. It doesn’t know anything other than what’s put in it.
“Momentum deals with people. It’s not just these first two races of the Chase—it was the two weeks leading before it, too. We haven’t finished outside the top seven now in the last four weeks. That’s huge for us. That’s huge for our guys.”
It also says a lot about what may lie ahead for Stewart, perhaps a third title to go with the championships he won in 2002 and 2005.
“We’ve had one of those seasons up to the Chase where we couldn’t do anything right,” Stewart said. “I mean, we couldn’t get it clicking. We couldn’t get through all the bad luck. It seems like every week something would happen, and we’d have to try to dig ourselves out of a hole the rest of the day.
“I’m hoping and praying that we’re through that bad-luck string now, and things are hopefully going to click the next eight weeks.”
If that’s the case, Stewart may well hold the trophy at Homestead, but one thing is certain—the possum act is a thing of the past, as far as his rivals are concerned.
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Johnson characterizes run-in with Kyle Busch as “hard racing”

Posted by imelda sovzky

Johnson characterizes run-in with Kyle Busch as “hard racing”
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
(September 25, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—Five-time defending Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson really didn’t take umbrage when Kyle Busch crowded him with 21 laps left in Sunday’s Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
 After all, both drivers are in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup and are expected to contest positions.
 Johnson, however, lost three spots after contact between his No. 48 Chevrolet and Busch’s No. 18 Toyota. He finished 18th and dropped to 10th in the series standings, 29 points behind leader Tony Stewart. Busch finished 11th.
 “I think track position was really important, and he was just racing really hard, which was just what he’s supposed to do,” Johnson said. “Typically, the one lane off the bottom is the lane you give someone when they’re on the inside of you. And he didn’t want to give that lane up. And we just made some contact. It wasn’t like he was trying to wreck me or anything; he was just being kind of stubborn and ‘end of a race’ mentality.
 “When we got together the second time, I think our wheels locked and it whipped the wheel out of my hand and bent something in the steering up front.  It was just the end of a bad day. We didn’t have a car like we thought we would. We were really optimistic yesterday. After practice, the car was just great. Today, it just didn’t have the speed, and then track position was so important and some pit calls didn’t work out our way. But we’ll take this one on the chin and go on to the next one.”
 More out of character for the No. 48 team was the sniping on the radio between Johnson and crew chief Chad Knaus, who have fashioned five championships together. At one point, Johnson urged Knaus to stop cheerleading, because the driver already was trying as hard as he could.
 “I’m going 100 percent, regardless of what’s being said on the radio,” Johnson said. “That’s all we had all day long. I think he (Knaus) was just being optimistic there about what was left in my back pocket—but my suit doesn’t have any back pockets.”
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Earnhardt salvages top 20 but wants more

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Earnhardt salvages top 20 but wants more

(September 17, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—Given that he suffered two flat tires in Sunday’s Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. could have seen his championship hopes come to an inglorious end in the second race of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.
 That didn’t happen, because Earnhardt persevered and managed a 17th-place, lead-lap finish.
 For Earnhardt, whose winless streak reached 121 races, that just wasn’t good enough on a day when he felt he had a car that was fast enough to win.
 “I had an awesome car all day—just pretty frustrating,” Earnhardt said. “I want to win here. We’ve been so good here in a lot of races and would like to win. But, you’ve got to get up front, and we really couldn’t accomplish that all day long. We had a good, quick car, and I’m proud of how we worked on it, happy about what my guys did.
 “The car they brought and how they worked on the car, everything was seemingly going as planned until we got caught a lap down with Landon (Cassill’s) flat tire (which caused the second caution of the race on Lap 156). Then we had a couple flats ourselves that cost us a couple more spots there. It’s frustrating, but I was happy with how the car was driving. As a driver, we haven’t had that all year.”
 Despite the frustration, Earnhardt was philosophical about his position in the Chase. After two races he’s eighth in the standings but only 26 points out of the lead held by Tony Stewart.
 “We’ll take it right now,” Earnhardt said. “It could be worse. We could be sitting in victory lane, but we could be out of the Chase all together. I think, having two flat tires, we got pretty lucky today to get home in the top 20.”
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
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Despite contact, teammates Kenseth and Edwards finish strong

Posted by imelda sovzky

Despite contact, teammates Kenseth and Edwards finish strong

(September 25, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—On Lap 173 of Sunday’s Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Carl Edwards did the last thing a driver wants to do—spin out a teammate.
 Though Edwards said he tried mightily to stay off Roush Fenway Racing teammate Matt Kenseth’s bumper, Edwards carried more speed into the entry to Turn 1, tapped Kenseth’s Ford and sent him spinning.
 Kenseth kept his car off the wall and was able to continue, and the way the race played out, both drivers salvaged top-10 finishes at a track that has given both trouble in recent years. Kenseth ran sixth and Edwards eighth, allowing both to stay within reach of Chase leader Tony Stewart.
 “I’m glad we don’t have to run this one in the Chase again—that’s good; Dover is great for us; Kansas will be great,” Edwards said, before adding with a laugh: “I feel pretty good after our (recent tire) test at Phoenix, so we’ll go and if Matt doesn’t retaliate, we’ll be really good.
 “I feel really dumb for running in to him, but I’m glad it worked out for both of us. It was a decent day for us. We’ll take it and move on.”
 Kenseth, who ran out of fuel last week at Chicagoland and finished 21st in the Chase opener, was elated to escape New Hampshire with a strong result.
 “I was pretty discouraged after Chicago, although you’ve got to brush that off,” Kenseth said. “But I’m pretty encouraged today, because this is probably one of my worst tracks.”
 As far as retaliation, Kenseth has no plans for revenge.
 “That was no big deal,” Kenseth said. “I was having a little bit of brake fade, and I backed up extra early. I didn’t expect it, or I probably could have saved it, but that was no big deal. Those things happen.”
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
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Inspection failure gets Kurt Busch’s day off to rocky start

Posted by imelda sovzky

Inspection failure gets Kurt Busch’s day off to rocky start

(September 25, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—Kurt Busch was on pit road after driver introductions for Sunday’s Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but there was a problem—his car wasn’t.
 The rear end of Busch’s No. 22 Dodge was outside of NASCAR’s tolerances, and Busch’s crew had to fix the problem before NASCAR allowed the team to push the car onto the grid.
 Team members pushed the car the length of pit road to the fifth starting spot just in time to fire the engine.
 To compound the problem, the car didn’t handle to Busch’s liking, and he dropped five positions almost as soon as the race started. Though he led four laps during a cycle of green-flag pit stops, Busch finished 22nd, one lap down, and fell to ninth in the standings, 28 points behind back-to-back winner Tony Stewart.
 “It was a frustrating day,” Busch said. “Our Shell Pennzoil Dodge was certainly a handful. The front tires felt like they were on skids, and the car was plowing through the corners. We were late going through inspection, and that set the tone for our day.
 “We were able to stay out and lead some laps under green, and (crew chief) Steve Addington and the guys kept making changes and got our Dodge better by the end of the race. I just wish we could have started the race with the car that good.”
 With the inspection issues Busch had, that would have been unlikely.
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
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Stewart makes it two in a row with New Hampshire win

Posted by imelda sovzky on Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stewart makes it two in a row with New Hampshire win
(September 25, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—After climbing from his winning car Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Tony Stewart made the understatement of the year.
 “We’ve got a shot at this thing,” said Stewart, who by taking the checkered flag in the Sylvania 300 became the second driver to win the first two races in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup in the same year.
 In a dramatic reversal of fortune, Stewart won the race—and grabbed a seven-point lead in the Cup standings over 12th-place finisher Kevin Harvick—when Clint Bowyer ran out of fuel with fewer than three laps to go.
 “If that’s not a flip-flop from last year, I don’t know what is,” Stewart radioed to crew chief Darian Grubb after crossing the finish line.
 Stewart led last year’s Chase race at the Magic Mile but handed the victory to Bowyer when he ran out of fuel on the final lap.
 With his second straight victory, his second of the season and the 41st of his career, Stewart has more than a shot at the title. The 2002 and 2005 Cup champion, who downplayed his own chances entering NASCAR’s 10-race playoff, now has to be considered the favorite.
 Brad Keselowski parlayed pit strategy into a second-place run, and Greg Biffle, who won the first two Chase races in 2008, came home third, followed by Jeff Gordon and Brian Vickers. Matt Kenseth, David Ragan, Carl Edwards, Juan Pablo Montoya and Regan Smith completed the top 10.
 “I know exactly how (Bowyer) feels right now,” Stewart said. “I saw him slow down down the back, and I thought, ‘Oh, no, you’re kidding me.’ That’s not the way you want to win, but we’re in the Chase now, and we’ve got to get everything we can get.”
 Bowyer failed to complete the final two laps and finished 26th.
 A caution for Landon Cassill’s spin on Lap 156 played right into Gordon’s hands just past the halfway point in the 300-lap race. By putting off their pit stops as long as possible, Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Mark Martin and Ragan were the only drivers on the lead lap when the yellow flag flew.
 Gordon, who led a race-high 78 laps, Martin and Ragan came to pit road on Lap 158, giving them the latitude to finish the race on one more stop. The caution also benefited Keselowski, who had pitted before the caution on Lap 154 but within a one-stop window.
 A long cycle of green-flag stops that began with Kahne’s visit to pit road on Lap 217 shuffled the running order. Kahne was the leader on Lap 247 but soon surrendered the top spot to Bowyer, who had stopped on Lap 226.
 With 40 laps left, Bowyer—in fuel conservation mode—led Stewart, Gordon, Kahne and Biffle, with Martin, Keselowski, Ragan, Denny Hamlin and Montoya chasing. Hamlin, who also ran out of fuel, finished 29th.
 Keselowski felt his team got maximum performance out of a car that probably would not have run second if fuel consumption hadn’t been a factor. Keselowski, now third in the standings and 11 points behind Stewart, also marveled at how far he has come in a short time.
 “It’s funny, because 10 races ago, we left Loudon here 23rd in points,” Keselowski said. “Who’d have ever thought we’d be third in 10 weeks? It’s been a good road to travel down the last few weeks, and today was no exception.
 “We weren’t the fastest car—I’d be lying if I tried to tell you we were—but we made good adjustments to our car, got it to where it was a good, solid top-10 car and drove up to fourth or fifth there with 100 to go, 80 to go, whatever that was. … All in all, I felt like we earned the majority of our good fortune.”
 With eight race left in the Chase, only three drivers—Harvick, Keselowski and Edwards (14 points back)—are within 20 points of Stewart.
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
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Tony Stewart two for two in the chase

Posted by imelda sovzky

Tony Stewart won his second race of the season but what was more special was he won two races in a row. Stewart was quiet all day just hanging in there. This race was the complete opposite of last year, bowyer was leading but when he crossed the start finish line for the final lap he ran out of fuel.

The Red Bull cars of Brian Vickers and Kasey Kahne were pretty strong all day but Kahne had to pit with about 15 to go which put him back and he finished fifteenth. Teammate Brian Vickers finished fifth.

Pole sitter Ryan Newman had a tire go down within the final laps and finished 25th. Greg Biffle had a good day as he quoted "we finally finished where we ran all day." Brad Keselowski ended up finishing second and Jeff Gordon finished fourth.

Jimmie Johnson and crew chief Chad Knaus had a bad day today. Both seemed on the edge with each other and it did not help there day by finishing 18th. Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson got together today but did not damage either's car too bad. Carl Edwards got into teammate Matt Kenseth which sent him spinning to bring out one of the very few cautions of the day. Dale Jr was doing good today till he had a flat tire which i think messed up his car cause he ended up having 3-4 more flat tires during the race, one coming on the final lap.

Denny Hamlin once again didnt have the day he wanted, Hamlin ran out of gas on the final laps and finished 29th and that finish now puts him 66 points behind points leader Tony Stewart.

Next week we head to The Monster Mile(Dover) where 43 drivers look to tame the monster.


1. Tony Stewart
2. Brad Keselowski
3. Greg Biffle
4. Jeff Gordon
5. Brian Vickers
6. Matt Kenseth
7. David Ragan
8. Carl Edwards
9. Juan Montoya
10. Regan Smith
11. Kyle Busch
12. Kevin Harvick
13. Jeff Burton
14. Joey Logano
15. Kasey Kahne
16. Martin Truex Jr.
17. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
18. Jimmie Johnson
19. Bobby Labonte
20. Paul Menard
21. A.J. Allmendinger
22. Kurt Busch
23. Jamie McMurray
24. Mark Martin
25. Ryan Newman
26. Clint Bowyer
27. J.J. Yeley
28. David Retuimann
29. Denny Hamlin
30. Marcos Ambrose
31. Mike Bliss
32. David Gilliland
33. Landon Cassill
34. Andy Lally
35. Dave Blaney
36. Joe Nemechek
37. Michael McDowell
38. David Stremme
39. Josh Wise
40. Robby Gordon
41. Scott Speed
42. Casey Mears
43. Travis Kvapil

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Sylvania 300 Winner: Tony Stewart

Posted by imelda sovzky

Race Fast Facts
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
15th Annual Sylvania 300
Provided by NASCAR Statistics - Sun, September 25, 2011 @ 05:13 PM Eastern
Race Winner: Tony Stewart
Age: 40
Team : No. 14 - Mobil 1/Office Depot Chevrolet
Owner: Margaret Haas
Crew Chief: Darian Grubb
Tony Stewart won the 15th Annual Sylvania 300, his 41st victory in 456 
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races.
This is his second consecutive victory and 13th top-10 finish in 2011.
The only other driver to win the first two races of the Chase for the 
NASCAR Sprint Cup was Greg Biffle in 2008.
This is his third victory and 16th top-10 finish in 26 races at 
New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
Brad Keselowski (second) posted his second top-10 finish in five races
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  It is his 12th top-10 finish in 2011.
Greg Biffle (third) posted his seventh top-10 finish in 19 races 
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
Tony Stewart leads the point standings by 7 points over Kevin Harvick.
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Daytona USA Books!!! Check It Out!!!

Posted by imelda sovzky on Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can't believe it!!  Two weeks ago, just out of nowhere, I ordered two Daytona USA guide books (as you can see above along with my Daytona 2 book).  They finally arrived today.  I got them from this site (they also sell games and CD's).  Each book cost about $7 including S&H which was $15.  So $30 bucks for some Daytona memorabilia was a good deal for me.  They each have about 80 pages, just as large as the D2 book.

Strangely, I ordered these books before the Sega Daytona port was leaked so this is purely coincidental.

OOOOO, CHECK IT OUT....  I should mention that both books are for the Saturn version, not the Arcade version, which I kind of a bummer.  This is part-strategy guide, part-colorful pictures so it's cool to check out.

Table of Contents, sorry these pics are crap.

Oooo, the Hornet!!

It's an interview with Yu Suzuki!!  Like I said before, Toshihiro Nagoshi was the producer but Suzuki was a supervisor, so to speak.

And here's an interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi.  Strange cause he looks completely normal here.

And here's Takenobu Mitsuyoshi busting out those famous beats!!

A paper Hornet car?  Hell no, I ain't shredding this book up.  I suck at making these things anyway.  Maybe once I scan this page.

Of the two books, the one with the flying cars on the cover looks has the Suzuki/Nagoshi/Mitsuyoshi pages as well as screenshots of Daytona USA and other Model2 arcade cabinets.  Verrryyy naice!!!

There's also books for Sega Rally, Sega Rally 2, Scud Race (DAMN, sold out...), Daytona 2 (for 104 bucks!!??), and OutRun (78 bucks??). 

I wish I could scan these pages like I did with the Daytona 2 book but I currently don't have access to a scanner...there may be one at school but it would be difficult to use.  So sorry I cannot show it right now.
EDIT: On 11/19/11, I've begun scanning pages of the book.  Click here to see what pages I have up thus far.

It would also be nice if someone could translate these books from Japanese to English.  Clearly that's one of my goals for the near future.

But even if you don't plan on buying books, check out the site's games list anyway for cool wallpaper like this:

EDIT: Pictures didn't load the first time (I hate when that happens cause you have no idea if others can see 'em).  So here they are now:

And this:

Also, two more awesome things that have happened lately!

I smoked this song (The Doors - Touch Me) on Rock Band Pro Keys.  After being teased by this song for so long, I whooped its ass.  DAMN, I'M GOOD...

Also, I got a Gameboy DS emulator working on my computer!  It's the No$Zoomer emulator.  You can play games just by clicking with your mouse (touch screen, remember?).  BTW, I already own the games I'm playing...Advance Wars Baby!!!

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Drivers still puzzled by debris at Chicagoland

Posted by imelda sovzky

Drivers still puzzled by debris at Chicagoland

(September 24, 2011)
LOUDON, N.H.—What was that mystery metal?
 Carl Edwards said it launched like a boomerang.
 Kyle Busch ran over it and hurt the handling of his car last Monday at Chicagoland Speedway.
 But no one seemed to know what the debris was or where it came from.
 During the telecast of the rain-delayed Geico 400, television analysts characterized the debris as crush panels jettisoned from one of the Sprint Cup cars—origin unknown.
 Busch disagreed.
 “It was heavy, but I have no idea,” Busch told Sporting News on Friday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. “It’s too hard to tell going 200 mph exactly what it is. It looked like a crush panel, but it was definitely not a crush panel, because it was way heavier than that.”
 Long before Busch ran over the debris, Edwards saw something that made him wonder if his eyes were deceiving him.
 “I thought that it was maybe my imagination or something, because I saw it, and it looked like a piece of metal that got flung like a boomerang and just took off at an amazing height,” Edwards said. “It might have been something outside of the racetrack that I was seeing far away or something, but I only caught it down the back straightaway, and I just wondered if anyone else saw it—but I’m pretty sure it’s a piece of something that came off of a racecar.
 “As high as it was, I can’t imagine, it made it back down to the surface. It probably ended up outside the track.”
 Despite the flying debris, NASCAR didn’t interrupt the race with a late caution. Edwards praised NASCAR for its restraint.
 “I hope they aren’t as quick to throw the cautions in the Chase as they have been,” Edwards said. “I know that could hurt or help you, but in the end, I think it lets the races play out more naturally and lets the fastest cars, the ones with the best strategy, win—instead of late-race cautions to bunch things up.
 “I’m not complaining about the racetrack. The racetracks always look real clean to me, and I’ve never had an issue with too much debris on the track. I’ve always had trouble finding the debris that we’re under caution for.”
 Because no caution was called, the debris was not picked up by a safety truck and identified.
 For all we know, it could have been an early emission from a falling satellite.
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service
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Zipadelli well aware of opening at Stewart-Haas Racing

Posted by imelda sovzky

Zipadelli well aware of opening at Stewart-Haas Racing

(September 22, 2011)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass.—You don't have to read the want ads to know there's an ongoing search for a competition director at Stewart-Haas Racing.

At one point, Greg Zipadelli and Tony Stewart expected to spend their entire careers together as crew chief and driver, respectively.

"We had that plan once, and it broke, so I don't know," Zipadelli said Thursday when asked if a reunion might be in the cards.

Zipadelli spent 10 years as Stewart's crew chief at Joe Gibbs Racing. They won Sprint Cup championships together in 2002 and 2005. But when Stewart left in 2009 as co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing, Zipadelli stayed at JGR, where he is under contract through 2012.

Despite the split, he and Stewart have remained close.

"Obviously, we're like brothers," Zipadelli told Sporting News during a tour of the New England Patriots' facilities at Gillette Stadium. "I still respect him. We talk all the time, hang out on weekends or Sundays off.

"We had the kids over there after Richmond on his boat out on the lake, so we're still good friends, and whatever he does I'm proud of him for it."

As to the job at Stewart-Haas, Zipadelli said, "I know—I hear about it all the time."
From Stewart or from everybody else?

"All of the above," Zipadelli said.

Junior hopes two-car tandems can be broken up

LOUDON, N.H.—You can break up the Yankees, but apparently you can't break up two-car tandems at Talladega—but NASCAR, at least, has instituted measures that might prove a step in that direction.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. certainly hopes that's the case.

NASCAR announced on Wednesday that the diameter of holes in restrictor plates for the Oct. 23 Good Sam Club 500 at Talladega would increase 1/64th of an inch to 57/64ths of an inch. That should translate to an increase of about seven to 10 horsepower in the Sprint Cup engines.

The settings in pressure-relief valves also have been reduced by eight pounds per square inch, meaning cars will begin to throw off water at lower temperatures. Both measures should make two-car hook-ups more difficult to sustain.

Earnhardt also expects an increase in speed. The driver of the No. 88 Chevrolet pushed teammate Jimmie Johnson to a four-wide victory at Talladega in April but had no chance to win the race himself.

"I think it will make us go faster, which is something we needed to change the way the racing is," Earnhardt said Friday before Sprint Cup practice at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "I think the racing was exciting—nobody can argue that the finish of that last Talladega race wasn't exciting—but I like the different style of racing that we used to have, where you didn't have to have a partner, (and) you didn't have to be pushing each other every lap.

"I not sure it'll break up the two-car drafting, but I hope it does."

Short strokes
According tom NASCAR's calculations, race vehicles in its top three series have combined to log 1,314,528 miles on track this year using Sunoco Green E15 fuel. That computes to 328,632 gallons of fuel at an average of four miles per gallon. …

The second annual "SEND ME 2 VEGAS" sweepstakes opened Monday, giving one fan a chance to win a prize package that includes a 2012 Ford Explorer XLT SUV valued at up to $33,000, two VIP tickets to NASCAR After The Lap during Sprint Cup banquet week in Las Vegas, and a two-night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Fans can enter the "SEND ME 2 VEGAS" sweepstakes at and at Chase races at The Sprint Experience.
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service

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Newman wins New Hampshire pole in rain-delayed qualifying

Posted by imelda sovzky

Newman wins New Hampshire pole in rain-delayed qualifying
By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service

(September 22, 2011)

LOUDON, N.H.—Rain or no rain—it didn't matter to Ryan Newman, who won the pole for Sunday's Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the second race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.
After a rain delay halted Friday's qualifying session, Newman, the last driver to make an attempt, posted a lap at 135.002 mph (28.213 seconds) to knock Kasey Kahne (134.763 mph), who had preceded him on the track, out of the top spot.
The Coors Light Pole Award was Newman's third of the season and the 49th of his career. The driver of the No. 39 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet won the July race at New Hampshire from the pole.
Kahne's Red Bull Racing teammate, Brian Vickers, qualified before the rain delay, and his speed of 134.648 mph stood up for the third starting position. Greg Biffle (134.587 mph) will start fourth. Kurt Busch qualified fifth at 134.382 mph.
The session stalled with five cars left on the grid when Juan Pablo Montoya declined to take to the track for his qualifying lap in a light rain. Montoya sat on pit road, as did the four cars behind him, including the No. 48 Chevrolet of five-time defending champion Jimmie Johnson.
"Send out the 48, if he's so brave," Montoya said.
Instead, NASCAR sent out jet dryers, and though a light mist continued to fall, the track dried enough to resume the session. Montoya posted a lap that was 27th fastest at the time (31st after the end of the session)—and wasn't happy about it.
"Our car was fast enough to sit on the pole, and we're 27th," Montoya said. "It's a freaking joke."
Johnson followed with a lap fast enough to secure the 10th starting position. Chase leader Kevin Harvick, who holds a seven-point margin over Tony Stewart, will start sixth.
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Unity Game Engine--It Does Racing Games!!!

Posted by imelda sovzky on Friday, September 23, 2011

Here at FIEA, we have various platforms with which we can make games.  We already did Flash.  There's also iPhone, Panda, XNA, etc.  I already have my second team and we're making something with the Unity engine.  I'm not going to tell you what we're working on right away, but it does involve driving something.  A car?  No, something else.  I actually got our vehicle to move using controller joysticks :)

You can download Unity for free!  It gives you a decent physics engine & map editor for you to start playing with right away. And each "character" (anything that can move) you insert already has a script & a ton of customizable parameters that handles control & movement so that's super handy right there. We also have Maya so we can create our own player models...too bad I don't know how to use it, lol.

There's already plenty of racing games on Unity for you to play.  Like check out some of these:

You can actually play this game on your web browser.  Arrow buttons drive/brake/steer, R resets your car in place.  Warning: handling is actually very difficult.

In the future...everything is made of chrome. Can you imagine Alberto taking Jessica for a ride in this piece of trash? "Go through the car wash! Let's start!!"

So you can make your own uber-sweet racing games in Unity.  I think it's awesome but it's kind of a bummer since practically every style of racing game has already been made.

I would love to try for a Daytona/Outrun-style game but I haven't used Unity for more than a few days and like I said, our team's not driving for a traditional racing game.  I'm okay with it.  But if any programmers/artists who like Daytona like I do want to try to make something of this, let me know.

And if you're curious what game code/scripts looks like in Unity, click here.  Learn all about it since this is what programmers have to look at every single day.
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Rocketman claims pole, while Montoya gets worst of it

Posted by imelda sovzky

Credit: Images/Jason Smith
Qualifying today took a little longer than they expected. With rain in the area we were lucky enough to get most of the field to qualify, but left were Juan Montoya, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman. Juan Motnoya was the first car in line to go out. At the start he was asked if he wanted to go out, Montoya told the officials he didn't want to go out. So they waited and eventually got the jet dryers on the track. Montoya then went out to make his run and it was still a tad to wet and qualified thirty-first.

Ryan Newman won the pole for the race on Sunday. We all recall the one-two finish by the Stewart-Haas Racing teams earlier this year(Newman 1st, Stewart 2nd) This is Newman's sixth pole here at New Hampshire. Newman also has three wins, six top five and thirteen top ten finishes. Newman has lead 658 laps here at New Hampshire and his average finish is 12.4.

Starting next to the pole-sitter will be Kasey Kahne. Kahne may have no wins here but he does have one top five and six top ten finishes. Earlier this year Kahne brought home a sixth place finish and lead five laps of the race. Kahne has lead a total of 164 laps and has three DNF's(05(crash)09(engine)10(engine)), he also has a average finish of 18.0.

Starting third will be the second Red Bull car of Brian Vickers. Vickers has been to New Hampshire twelve times and has only one top five and one top ten finish. Vickers has only lead fifty-three laps and has one DNF. His average finish is 23.0 and in the race earlier this year he finished thirty-fourth(eighteen laps down).

Starting in the fourth position will be Greg Biffle. Biffle has one win, four top five and six top ten finishes. In eighteen starts Biffle has only two DNF's and has an average finish of 17.4. Biffle has only lead 86 laps here in New Hampshire. Biffle finished eighteenth here earlier this year and lead one lap.

Rounding out the top five is Kurt Busch. Kurt has a total of three wins in twenty-one starts here at New Hampshire. Kurt also has seven top five and eleven top ten finishes. Kurt has only one DNF and has lead 432 laps. Kurt has an average finish of 13.5 and finished tenth here earlier this year.


1. Ryan Newman
2. Kasey Kahne
3. Brian Vickers
4. Greg Biffle
5. Kurt Busch
6. Kevin Harvick
7. Jeff Gordon
8. Kyle Busch
9. Martin Truex Jr.
10. Jimmie Johnson
11. Clint Bowyer
12. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
13. A.J. Allmendinger
14. Paul Menard
15. Bobby Labonte
16. Brad Keselowski
17. Regan Smith
18. Jeff Burton
19. David Reutimann
20. Tony Stewart
21. Mark Martin
22. Dave Blaney
23. Carl Edwards
24. Joey Logano
25. Jamie McMurray
26. David Ragan
27. Matt Kenseth
28. Denny Hamlin
29. Marcos Ambrose
30. Landon Cassill
31. Juan Montoya
32. J.J. Yeley
33. David Gilliland
34. David Stremme
35. Michael McDowell
36. Robby Gordon
37. Casey Mears
38. Travis Kvapil
39. Joe Nemechek
40. Mike Bliss
41. Josh Wise
42. Andy Lally
43. Scott Speed
44. Steve Park
45. T.J. Bell

Picture Credit:

Kahne: Images/Jerry Markland
Vickers: Images/Todd Warshaw
Biffle: Images/Geoff Burke
Ku. Busch: Images/Jeff Zelevansky

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