Electronic Arts Sucks And I Don't Want To Work There

Posted by imelda sovzky on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As a potential gaming employee, it's not a good idea to run your mouth about how everyone sucks (especially those with big money).  But I can't help it and I just want to let you know that EA sucks and here's why.

Before I went to FIEA, I didn't really like EA but I couldn't bother to talk about 'em.  They were just there with their perennial sports titles and they didn't get in the way.  Little did I know that FIEA was a feeder school founded by EA themselves for the sake of brainwashing & recruiting aspiring game developers (seriously, just look at the history).  We're cows in the EA pasture waiting to get slaughtered, it seems.  Half the faculty (including the executive director) made a living off of working at EA.  So that's sick but it gets even worse...

I was sitting in a lecture about copyrights & parents, minding my own business, muttering "EA" over and over again in a contained rage.  Then I mentioned the word "FIEA" and then it hit me in the face like a bag of Florida oranges:

I had a "Soylent Green is people" moment and ran out screaming.  FIEA stands for "Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy."  Yeah, and it was a coincidence that they came up with the phrase "Entertainment Academy," like oh that's a cute name, let's keep it.  MY ASS!!!  EA's been trying to condition/soften us up to life at Tiburon.  Whip out those tin-foil hats and DO NOT DOUBT ME.

But anyway, Electronic Arts is crap.  I'll continue--they're a scummy organization and it's not because they're an "evil corporation" but because they're pissing all over video games.  And there's a litany of things I can mention: They've bought out & gashed numerous studios like Maxis, Westwood, Bioware, and Dice.  They're on-board with the "post-release DLC" scams and Facebook junk.  They denied Turn10/Microsoft the Porsche license.  Their Origin online service has nothing on Steam, is riddled with horrible support stories, and has spyware to steal your personal information.  They're shutting down game servers that are barely 2 years old (like NHL '10) just to convince people to buy the more recent iterations.  And the list goes on and on.

Speaking of Activision (an equally-scummy company), at least head honcho Bobby Kotick has the balls to come out and publicly speak about ripping you off with Call of Duty & Guitar Hero iterations.  On the other hand, I have NO idea whose in charge of that puppet regime (or whatever) at EA.  You hear stories of Bobby Kotick all the time but not the EA CEO's.  What going on over there at EA?

Now, let me get to my main point.  Any gamer can throw a tantrum over "big bad game companies like EA" but putting all character issues aside, this is my main question...WHAT UNIQUE GAMES DOES ELECTRONIC ARTS EVEN MAKE...???

 EA is obviously a publisher, first and foremost.  They gobble up all these studios and give them all these projects--Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, whatever.  EDIT: Forgot about Medal of Honor, not like it's been relevant for years.  Really strange that EA doesn't even make NFS/Medal of Honor games anymore, so pitiful.  Fun fact about publishing is that when acquiring all these companies, "big bad publishers" will just about eat up any poor schmuck studio who'll make games for cheap (talking about your crap Call of Duty/Madden/Hannah Montana handheld ports).  Then the more successful ones crank out what they were good at before (like Battlefield/Mass Effect) or just get handed down crap that EA is too lazy to do, such as Need for Speed.

An aside--there exists one method of acquiring studios that seems crooked.  Publisher creates new company shares and offers them to the fledgling studio as an incentive to join them.  The studio agrees to the deal and thus, the publisher's stock goes up.  Therefore, the publisher has acquired a new studio while breaking even.  Is this illegal??  No, but it does stink.  I'm not saying EA does this but I'm not surprised if they do.

About EA as a developer, what games have they made on their own?  Besides sports games like Madden, FIFA, NBA Elite, etc.  Only thing that jumps out at me is Dead Space but futuristic survival horror games that my mom would hate don't strike a chord with me.  So it's sports all the way, right?

It's not that I hate EA's sports games--like I'll play Madden and have some fun with it.  But the problem with these games are the shelf life.  See above--your typical GameStop used games bin full of 3-5 year old EA sports titles for just $2 each.  If I did buy these, it's just for the achievement points.  It's a sad state of affairs to wander into a GameStop and see this landfill of games no one cares about anymore.

Each iteration of these EA sports games renders the previous one null and void.  I'lI make a comparison here...oh, I'll cater to you nubs for a sec and pick Final Fantasy.  So you buy Final Fantasy 7, beat it, then buy Final Fantasy 8, beat that one too.  Just because you have FF8, does that render FF7 unplayable?  No, not really since the two have completely different gameplay and story elements.  Compare that to sports games--if you have Madden '12, why would you want, say, Madden '07 or Madden '08?  Very little incentive unless you're looking for a particular team roster you really like.  EDIT: Either that or the controls/gameplay were superior to its sequels.  Lousy devs over there at EA.

And that's just EA's strategy--make a couple of new sports titles, sell them for 60 bucks, and reiterate for next year, knowing full well that gamers will toss out the previous one and pay for it again.  Don't get me wrong: Madden has improved over the years--like '06 through '08 were terrible but '09 and thereon were decent at worst.  And then that's it--they're in cruise control.  As long as they pay the NFL $10 mil every contract year (I guess) and John Madden $5 mil (name's on the box, duh), then they have nothing to fear.  Brand name's intact, stocks go up, everyone's happy (except for us gamers since we're all really empty on the inside).

I don't know--what I'm driving at is that we all want to make games but does Madden feel truly special?  Just because some business suits write you a check and you go home knowing your work is a flash in the pan...that's not my aspirations for life, sorry.  And yes, I know that game devs often have to work on things they don't like but at EA Sports, what's are your milestones past Madden?  More sports games like FIFA, NBA, or Tiger Woods???

Oh, and do you know who Peter Moore is?  The head of Sega of America back in the Dreamcast days.  He debatably killed the Dreamcast and turned Sega into a third-party developer.  After a couple of years at Microsoft (the company that used Sega & the Dreamcast to develop its own console), he became President of EA Sports.  Peter Moore is like Calvin pissing all over us.  That's turrable.

I frankly don't have much more to say.  A disclaimer--not EVERY game EA develops/publishes is bad.  You got Battlefield and Mass Effect which I'm sure are pretty good.  Madden is "okay" but Need for Speed sucks.  If you get a job on the ground level at EA, most of the "dreck" I mentioned flies over your head as you whistle your way to and from work.  The job conditions and security may be outstanding.  If the faculty at FIEA made a good living off of EA, then good for them--nothing wrong with that.

But truth be told, Electronic Arts blows and I don't like 'em.

Aw hell, who am I kiddin, EA games blows:

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